Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nephew Ian's baby blessing

This last Sunday our family got to go up to Camarillo for nephew Ian's baby blessing.

For 3/4ths of the drive we thought we made a miscalculation and were going to arrive at church 20 minutes late (probably missing the blessing). Jeff drove his hardest until I finally looked harder at the navigation. "Jeff their church starts at 1:00 not 12:00"

We were 45 minutes early. Whew, what a relief ;)

Proud papa!!

They look like they have the same hairstyles..but Ian's hair is actually coming in a little they won't be twins for long.

Starting to get out of church clothes right there in the parking lot!
(I think it's time to get Ashley new shoes because these ones were pinching her feet)

Proud mama...look a little closer...

What a cutie....

We were laughing at his toes that kept poking out of his blanket at church.

Uncle Jeff always up for snuggling a baby.

Me too.

And of course Ashley always loves to hold babies.

And for some Mom Moments from the week...

  • Jacob is trying to get on ASB for next year and had to include a letter of why he wanted to do it and why he thinks he would be good for the job. His opening for the letter..."Hi, my name is Jacob. I would like to be on the student council, because I am a huggable loveable young man."  and then... "I can contribute love to all students because I give lots of hugs. With boys, I give hi-5s or “man-hugs”.

  • In the past I bought Maddie a bullie stick…which I found out was beef pizzle (or the male organ of a steer) I thought it was funny. When I told the kids what it was they thought it was the ultimate in grossness and would about gag every time they saw Maddie chewing on it. They claimed it smelled too and begged me to throw it away. So this last Saturday I bought her a large rawhide roll that was probably 10 times bigger than the bullie stick. The first thing the kids asked me when they saw her chewing it was “Is that a bullie stick!!!!”  They were relieved when I assured them it wasn’t. Even this morning though Taylor asked me "Are you SURE thats not a bullie stick?"

  • The week before last we went to see Romeo and Juliet at the high school. Taylor was supposed to get extra credit for it and Becca Nelson was playing in it. The actors did the best they could but they were speaking the same words right out of the book. Very hard to understand especially if you’ve never read the play. Jeff hadn’t and he was DYING. He was falling asleep so I drove him and Ashley home after the first half. The rest of the play went until 10:30. We had Tyler Lyman with us and sure enough his mom calls our house about 10:15 to see where Tyler was (very late for a school night). Jeff was already asleep and answered the phone not knowing what day it was, who he was talking to or where he was. Tyler’s mom was trying to get an idea of where they were and Jeff was dazed and confused. I’m sure she’s thinking “OK so they are home and in bed asleep, where is Tyler??”  In the end they got it figured out but I thought it was funny.

·         We watched a silly movie last weekend. Diary of a Wimpy kid. During the movie Greg puts on a scary movie called “The Foot” instead of the kiddy movie that they were supposed to watch. Of course it scares him and his friend has to go home early. That night Jacob comes to our bed in the middle of the night after he had a bad dream. He ended up staying and sleeping in our bed the rest of the night. That hasn’t happened since he was like 3. I asked him the next morning what his dream was about. His dream was the same as “The Foot” movie in the Diary of the Wimpy Kid movie. Ha ha.

  • Jacob was turning in a report the other day and it was on Iguanas. He was getting ready to go out the door and was putting letter stickers on the front of his notebook. Ashley is watching him put them on all crooked. She asked him why he was doing it all crooked. He said "Because it's more mysterious."  When he walked away to go brush his hair Ashley made me fix those letters because it was driving her crazy. :)


Rebecca said...

Beef pizzle! So funny!

Matt and Maggie said...

Congrats Angela! Ashley looks so cute holding Ian.