Thursday, August 13, 2009

Addition and Subtraction

We have a new addition to our home...

an organ so we can have Taylor learn how to play the hymns for church. It still smells like something that came out of my grandma's house but it was free and it works so we're happy. All we need is a bench to go with it.

On Monday Jeff and Jacob had the opportunity to go to an Angel's game with one of Jeff's clients. He was an ex-Angel's pitcher so he get's them in free down in the "good" section. Normally Jeff will just go with him but since it was close to Jacob's birthday Jacob came along too.

Here is their view from their seats.

Jacob enjoyed the game, time with Dad
and especially the snacks.

The next day we lost a member of our family when Ashley and I drove Jacob up to camp about 2 1/2 hours away.

He was nervous to go since it would be the first time he would be away by himself, without family. He was nervous the first day but then he said he had a really fun time the rest of the week.

After a sno-cone and meeting some of Jacob's cabin-mates and counsilors he came over to me and said "Mom how much longer are you going to be here??" I guess that was my cue to leave. Then he said "Can I go now?" So we gave him hugs and we left.

Ashley and I stopped by Jeff's mom's on the way home to say hi and let Ashley pet her dogs. We were expecting to just have a short visit but we ended up getting fed dinner, Ashley got a haircut and Rueben gave us some vegetables from their garden.

Taylor and Jeff were gone for the night at the Stake Beach day and when they got home they brought this...

Jeff's sweet aunt made this huge afghan for Ashley. I can't believe how fast she did it too (about a month). I can't finish a baby blanket! She loved it.

I think I married into a pretty good family!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

This last week Jacob received his arrow of light, his Webelos and crossed the bridge over to 11 year old scouts. (He'll be 11 on Tuesday). We are so proud of him!

The scouts enjoyed pack meeting at the Loveland's house.

Jacob with his arrow...

Crossing over...

On Tuesday we went to the Library Summer Reading Program finale. The kids enjoyed pizza slivers, and room temperature punch standing in the back of jam packed gym full of kids and parents in hopes to get a prize.

Jacob voted to immediately go home after 5 minutes but we hung in there and sure enough after 45 minutes or so he got his name called and was able to pick a prize. Last time he won a prize at the library finale he picked a Bob the Builder umbrella and regretted it ever since :). He was happy with his transformer.

A few minutes later Ashley's name was called. They couldn't pronounce the last name so they just said "Jacob's little sister". She picked out a Barbie and declared it her first "modest" Barbie. (She doesn't like all the short skirts and tummy showing shirts).

The next day we redeemed one of their library prizes and went to Roller city 2001 to skate. We went with the Allen's and Taylor brought a friend from school. We forgot how much fun skating was. It's nice because it's something that even Ashley is good at. There might be some things that Jacob and Ashley can't keep up with their friends but with skating they can :)

On Thursday I dragged the kids out of the house for beach day. I don't know what it is with them. I seem to get a couple beach days out of them and then they start complaining about going. The funny thing is usually once we get there they love it.

Taylor taught himself how to juggle while we were there and tried entertaining Clark.

Jacob had fun hanging out with Clark watching him and laughing at his antics.

Ashley enjoyed collecting shells and boggieboarding (with a lot of help from me)

I'm trying to enjoy as much summer as possible before it's all over and everyone is back to school. It's been fun to have time to spend with the kids.