Sunday, December 14, 2014

Veteran's Day and Young Women in Excellence

November started with Young Women in Excellence at church. We had two girls getting their medallion and all the girls helped in some way to make the night happen.

Our programs

Our treats. 

The theme was D.O.T.S. or depend on the Savior and everything was polka dotted. 

I found out that chocolate covered donuts holes work just fine as cake pops. I'll have to remember that. 

The program went good, the girls had fun and it was well attended. 

Since I was running it I did't get any pictures of it. Here are some from another parent of a daughter who got their medallion.

Congratulations Kaitlyn Paige

We messed up the seminary room in the process so they wouldn't be too bugged at us we left extra treats and balloons in the room along with a love note stating 
"D.O.T.S. Depend on the Savior to 1. find your scriptures   2. your new seating arrangement"....the teacher and students loved it so we were OK. 

Ashley in the same week had to create a board game with the black death as a theme. Here are the game pieces I made out of shrinky dink material...

and she did the rest. I think it will be a very interesting game.
 I think it might be a family night activity.

While subbing I made talking turkeys with the class. It ends up being 60 students because the classes switch part way through the day. This was a crazy project to tackle on my own with 60 kids. I would modify it if I ever did it again. They loved it though and now every time I come back they ask if I have another craft project. How do I top this!

Jacob cheered his last game. Sad but happy that he got the experience. 

The score was 42 to 8 so it was a good game to cheer for. 

This is the mascot trio. 
(The girl's name is Caprese and she wanted to enjoy the last football game her senior year without her suit on.)

Jacob has had fun getting to know the cheerleaders and the the other mascots. Here they are a a movie night. 

They were supposed to wear crazy hats and he didn't want one he said. It looks like he left the house with Ashley's Hello Kitty hat as his crazy hat. (Maybe he didn't want me to know he was taking it)

The Saturday before Veteran's Day we brought the girls to help put flags on graves at the Riverside National Cemetery. 

There was an opening and a flag ceremony and then we were off to find a place to place flags. 

Emily really wanted to do her grandfathers but its a big cemetery and didn't know if we were going to be anywhere near it since we were just following the group. Sure enough we parked in the right section and she went out and found her grandfather's grave! She was happy.

Jeff wanted to put the flag on his father's grave and since there was already one there...

he put another one ;)

We participated with the girls from the Orangecrest Ward and we all had a good time. 

When Veteran's day came around Ashley was bored so we picked up Cassidy and I brought them to Sky Zone trampoline park. 

They jumped, I, win.

I did Simone's open house and sold some of my jewelry and hair stuff. I had fun hanging out and talking to all the ladies coming in.

Ashley had her first choir performance singing at her school's run and carnival. They did a great job.

We went to the pet store and Ashley made a new friend. 

This puppy was a favorite and she didn't want to put him down. I have to admit he's cute...but not cute enough to have another dog. Ha ha.

We were at the pet store to buy fish food because Ashley came home with 3 fish (the reflection makes it look like more) They ended up lasting a couple of weeks. I was secretly happy that the last one died right before Thanksgiving so I could get it off my counter ;)

So the next thing for Young Women's is getting ready to host Thanksgiving dinner for some elderly guests in our ward. We made pinecone turkeys and some of the girls learned how to use a glue gun.