Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 4th and more

July 1st was a pool party for mutual. Here's the girls in the hot tub playing clapping games. 

Mary Ann bought some new pool things for us...

and having fun.

Since the 4th of July was on a Saturday, Jeff had the Friday before off. 

We decided last minute to go with the Cowden's to the beach since they were all off work too. 

The beach was super crowded but we knew it would be worse on the 4th. 

We bought lunch at the snack bar and got what the girl recommended...cheese chips. 
Well they ended up being just what you would think....cheese with chips, and some sauce. Interesting.

We walked to the pier and checked out the surfing competition that was going on. 

You could see all the fireworks set up on the pier to be set off the next day. 
There was a guy guarding them and he meant business! 


Fun day with friends. 

During the 4th of July weekend Jacob got to take care of Zeus. He loves to do it. We wondered how he did during the fireworks because our dog had a hard time. 

We spent 4th of July with the Beaulieu side of the family in Corona.

Cousin time on the lawn.

Jeff and his brother's playing hearts with their mama while we wait.

Once it was time for fireworks and the kids are all snuggled up...we left.

Jeff likes to watch them near the car so we can be ready to leave. Ha ha. 
We got to see the whole fireworks show before we left at least. 

That Monday Angela and Ian came out for a visit. 

When she was having him make his list of things he wanted to do this summer he said he wanted to come to our house. 

The first day we arranged to swim at a friend's pool, with my nieces. Ian went down a water slide for the first time. 

He got to know Jenae and Jolene better and quickly they had him going down the slide by himself. 

Angela went down plenty of times too. Fun.

The next morning Ian woke up a lot earlier than Ashley so Angela and I took him to Sycamore canyon with Maddie for a hike. 

He liked it except for the fact that he couldn't run fast enough to keep up with Maddie and that made him sad.

That afternoon we went to the trampoline park before Ian had to head home. He was so tired out he slept as soon as he got in the car. 

Since my niece Elsa was down for the week we planned a cousin/friend beach trip. 

Ashley loving the boogie boarding. 

They made Jolene a mermaid...

I read my book alone while the kids went on the pier and got ice-cream. I looked up to bold birds finishing off the last of someone's chips. They sure know how to get those chips out of the bag.

By the time it was time to go the kids were in the middle of a game of paddle ball and could've stayed longer. 

A couple of days later it was time for me to pick up Jacob from EFY in Santa Barbara. 

On my way up I stopped at the Huntington Library. 

I decided to go to the gardens first not realizing how big they were!

They had all sorts of different habitats and types of gardens. 

I love it!

The Japanese and Chinese gardens were my favorite.


In the American gallery I enjoyed looking at the American Impressionist paintings including this one from Mary Cassatt.

The last thing I visited was the manor and it was the highlight of the estate. I only had 1/2 hour before I had to get back on the road so I had to rush through! The estate had European furniture and tapestries originally made for the king of France. I'll just have to come back again some time. 

After a long drive in Friday afternoon traffic I made it to Angela's house. Right after we left to pick up Robert from work and drive in Friday evening traffic to get to Dodger stadium for Mormon night. 

I happened to be visiting them on the night they were going to the game so I got to go with them. 
It made it more fun that the Dodger's won.

Even if they didn't it was fun to hang out with Angela and her family. I got to sit in the back seat with Ian and he asked me for candy and snacks (he knows we spoil him ;)

There was even fireworks at the end. 

The next morning I picked up Jacob from EFY

While I was waiting for him to say goodbye to all his friends I walked to the edge and looked at the sun coming up over the water. This wouldn't be a bad place to go to school.

He love EFY and made a lot of new friends.

After 4 1/2 hours of driving I got everyone back home and then it was time to drive 1 1/2 to Oceanside for Cheri's surprise birthday party. 

Ryan did a great job planning it and even though we were late we didn't miss the surprise. 

Cheri said she had fun spending her birthday with all her family and friends. 

Love you Cheri

Girls camp is coming up and I'm doing things to get ready for it. 

I had a planning meeting and we made some decorations...

I've been making these for our cabin Id's

and I painted our poster for the outside of the cabin.

I'll end with the picture I found on my phone....Ashley took a sneaky picture of Jacob at church and improved it...