Tuesday, May 19, 2015

22nd Anniversary and Mother's Day

On Wednesday's Ashley has a minimum day and she always comes home and 
asks "What are we going to do" This usually involves finding a friend that is available and doing something. Today Kate and Ashley wanted to bring the dog and go to Sycamore Canyon...

The day was perfect for hiking...when it gets too hot its not much fun. Even though it's pretty dry in Riverside you can find some green. 

The girls decided that they wanted to take some pictures.

Funny girls...

Just kidding around.

That Saturday Ashley had a choir concert at the Riverside Art museum. 

I enjoyed watching her performance as well as some performances from other Riverside schools and then got to look around the museum. 

Ashley's friends...of course she changed out of her dress quick so she could be comfortable. 

I've been cramming to take the Art CSET. I've decided to go back to school and finish my credential so the CSET is one of the steps. I plan on working on the science one as well but thought it would fun to have art...and I thought it wouldn't be too hard. Wrong.

The more I study the more I realize I don't know! I figured out pretty quick that the study help for the test I bought on Amazon was worthless so I went to the library and checked out a bunch of books and started reading up. 

I also needed to have a portfolio. I was a couple short from what I needed so one of the days I pulled out my paints and painted a picture...

I tried to get the best lighting which was by a window.  I thought it didn't turn out too bad...

When Taylor got home he said "your colors are OK but the perspective on your glass is off"....(I could see it once he pointed it out)  Then Jeff got home and I showed it to him and he said "What is that thing...a bleeding heart?" ...ummm it's a shell. 

I guess I'm a little out of practice :(

We are sad that our neighbors and friends the Stubbs are moving to Texas. They had a combo going away and Alise's birthday celebration before they went. It was supposed to be at the park but since it was pouring rain they ended up moving it to the Thompson's house. 

They just had another baby too. Blake, he's a cutie. We at least got to bring him a present, a meal for the family and got to hold him. 

The night before Soli was leaving we did a girls movie night and saw Cinderella 
(which was good by the way)

The girls had just started getting emotional when we posed them for this picture. 

Saying goodbye to the baby too. 

We'll miss you guys!!!

Ethan Stubbs was the bishop of the ward for 3 or 4 months before they ended up moving so now we have a new Bishop. This is his get to know you fireside that was fun. 

Jacob and friends. 

Ashley and Kate (another Wednesday afternoon looking for something to do)

We just celebrated our 22nd anniversary! 

The time has gone fast.

He brought me flowers...

and we went to a nice dinner at Ruth's Chris.

Happy Anniversary Honey!!

The day of my big 6 hour CSET test I was studying in my car about ready to go in when I got sideswiped by an older man as he was trying to pull into the parking spot next to me. 

I'm looking at him in disbelief as his car is scraping down the side of mine. I started honking and waving at him and he was oblivious. 

I got out to talk to him and he was now so close to the other car next to him he couldn't open his door. He backed out to talk to me and didn't believe that he had hit my car. 

I showed him the white line running down my car and he tried to wave it off and deny that it was him... 

I pointed to his bumper that had my paint on it. 

He said "Oh well I got more damage than you" Then he took out a handkerchief and said "This will just wipe off" as he tried to wipe off the scratch marks.

Um I don't think so. I asked to get his information. 

So I walked into my test a little shaken up.

At least I was glad I was sitting in my car when it happened because the guy would've never thought he did anything wrong. 

The day after my test I was working hard to get the rest of the stuff ready for our Mother's Day fundraiser sale and Garage sale for the young women to earn money for girls camp. 

I had a marathon cookie baking day and ended up going to 3 different stores to make the rest of the bath salts. 

The day of the garage sale finally came and I was able to unload my hoarder garage!

Some of the girls helped outside and some helped inside with cookie orders.

We didn't have many big items but we had a lot of little ones and it added up.

We sold from 6:30 to 12 and then packed it up. 

Between both fundraisers we were able to make enough money for the girls!

That night we got to go to see Jenae in her school's performance of Suesical the Musical. 

It was fun to be there with family and support Jenae.

The next day was Mother's Day and we got to celebrate it with Jeff's family at his mother's house in Little Rock. My favorite part was having the kids say nice things about their mothers. 

Ashley's favorite part was holding the bunny! :)