Thursday, April 16, 2020

Instructions for how to make a cloth face mask for kids

I have been sewing various cloth masks for all kinds of organizations. My count is up to about 725 so far. 

Right now I'm sewing masks for Child Protective Services so foster kids can have their own masks. 

If you would like to pick up supplies to make these are the instructions or feel free to make your own if you would like to donate. 

If you get a supply kit from me these are the supplies that will come in it. 

(If you want to make it on your own you will need a rectangle of fabric approximately 12 inches by 7 inches for the main part of the mask, and 4 inches by about 5 inches for the bias tape that will be sewn on the ends as well as some sort of tie, I used chunky yarn.)

1. The first step is to fold the short ends together with the right side of the fabric facing itself and sewing about two or three inches from the edge on each side, leaving an opening in the middle. 

2. Next iron the seam open and flat 

(I misspelled seam on the picture, ha ha)

3. Next flip the fabric so the right side is on the outside. Adjust so the opening is more towards the top and press with the iron. (Notice by ironing the edges, the opening for the filter pocket looks more clean). 

4. While you are using the iron press the bias tape by ...

1. Folding it in 1/2 and then pressing 
2. Opening it flat and then folding and pressing each side towards the middle fold
3. Then folding it in half and pressing.

5. Next clip or pin the pleats and sew a baste stitch along the edge (you can also iron the pleats in before you clip them.) 

6. The next step is to clip (or pin) the bias tape onto the end of the mask. To create a clean edge on the bias tape fold the edges inward before pinning. 

7. After the bias tape is sewn on thread through the tie. I used a yarn needle but you can also use a safety pin to pull through the tie. After it's threaded through knot the ends of the yarn. 

8. After you cut your stray threads you're done! 

If you have the supplies you can also add a wire nose piece for a better fit. I cut a 3 1/2 inch piece of 18 Gage copper wire curled on the ends.  You sew a pocket for the wire and slip it in before you sew the bias tape on the ends of the mask. 

This is an example of how it is worn with the ties. 

Happy sewing! Thanks to all those who have helped with donations of $, material and supplies to keep me and others in the community sewing!