Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November update

Ashley asked me the date today...The 19th...WHAT! This month is flying by. I guess I better force myself to take a minute to sit down and post some stuff.
So her are Halloween pictures...way after the fact ;)
The day started out by helping these boys get into costume.
Note to self...don't buy cheap bald caps on-line, and definitely don't wait until right before they are to be worn to try them on.
We made due the best we could but instead of being proud of their costumes the boys felt kinda stupid. It didn't help that they didn't have the same lunch and weren't hanging out during the day. When they got to school people knew who they were but the rest of the day they didn't.
Ashley didn't dress up at school at all (she could've) but she was happy that her pumpkin carving group won first place!
That night the kids were on to costume B.
Jacob had a Halloween party he was invited too and he was much happier when I pulled out the Chucky costume.

Since Ashley didn't have her friend to dress up with she came up with this supergirl costume. I painted the logo onto a piece of felt but she did the rest. I was impressed.  
(She thought I painted it right onto her shirt and was worried at first)

The cousins came over to trick or treat with us which is always fun. This was before...

This was after. Caden and Zander had fun trick-or-treating. We just went down the street and back and by the time we got home we were out of candy and had to turn the light off. We always get slammed with trick or treaters.

In the midst of October and the beginning of November Jacob and Ashley were practicing for our ward road show. There were practices every Tuesday night and then some extra ones right before the performance.  Here they are practicing at our church building.
Then they practiced on the big stage.
The night of the performance we had our own room to prepare and get the kids ready. Here is the cast picture. (Ashley didn't want me to take a picture of her with her flower on)
We watched the performances before ours including Jenae and Jolene in their play.
They did a great job!

Here is our group ready to go on stage...


Since I was helping backstage and Jeff was in New York this is the best picture that I got.
Luckily Tahna got a better one!
At the cast party I got to watch a video of their performance and they did a great job!!

Other than Road show there seems like there have been LOTS of events at Ashley's school. I seem like I've been involved in some way at all of them so it seems even more crazy. The week after the Car Wash and the same time we were selling Halloween grams we were planning for the Fall Festival.
Here is the Fall Festival. 6th grade science camp was allowed to sell food that night so Simone and I sold food and I never got to walk away to see how the night was going. Luckily Jeff was with us helping to serve pizza. Here is a picture of the kids rocking out to music. Ashley seemed like she had a lot of fun...even thought I barely saw her.


The week after Fall Festival was Movie night so I was off to Sam's club getting stuff for that. I've never had to use the flatbed cart before...I needed it that day.


The movie night turned out good. The kids had fun and we had enough parents and students who wanted to help us sell all our goodies and make the night a success.

Ashley had to choose between her dress rehearsal for the road show or to come to the movie night and help her friends. It was a tough choice but she decided to come last minute to the movie night.

The day before movie night was Simone's open house Holiday Boutique. I didn't have time to make any jewelry with all the stuff I had going on but I had plenty of things I made in the past. It made me looking forward to pulling it out again to work on it...some time.

This last week Ashley had a couple of days off school for parent teacher conference. I got a great report from her teacher and she got a great report care.
 We took one of the nights to do a mother daughter night to help our girls finish their quilts they never finished at the quilt class. It ended up being a late night but it was a fun one.

We had snacks, rocked out to music and had sewing machines going all over the Thompson home. (When her husband got home he didn't know what to think :)

This last weekend we headed up to Camarillo as a family to celebrate the end of chemo and radiation with Robert and Angela and Ian.
They planned to celebrate with some family and friends. When they realized that it was going to be more than 100 people they decided to move it to the church!
We got up there on Friday night after sitting through 3 hours of LA traffic. Ian was already in bed and we tried to be quiet to let him sleep but he opened his door when he heard us and announced that he wanted to come down and say hi to us.
The next morning we got to spend some time with him and I got to visit with Angela as she prepared for the party. We brought Ian to the candy/soda store before the party. I was surprised a little when he asked to go to the bathroom as soon as he got there.  Come to find out they have him trained that he only gets a treat after he goes to the bathroom so he always goes at that store (ha ha) So I took him and he looks at me as he's going to the bathroom and says "Ashley's mom?"
Yep I'm Ashley's mom. (To all the younger nephews it's always about Ashley, Ashley's car, Ashley's house) 
After the candy store he is holding a bag of candy and a dinosaur that Jeff got him. I asked him if he likes the candy store he says "Ashley is my favorite".
She has us all beat I guess.
At the church the party is ready to start and Angela and Robert said a few words. It is nice to see what life is like now compared to a year and 1/2 ago. Life is getting  more back to normal and Robert is slowly getting his strength back.

They had a slide show of pictures over the time of Robert's treatment.

The tables had flowers cut from their backyard.

Lots of people came and brought food. There was plenty of food and lots of well wishers!

So after the Movie Night was done, I look on the calendar and realize we have to plan, advertise and start preparing for the next thing.
Father/Daughter dance is next....I'm back at the school selling tickets before and after school. This volunteer position is becoming a full time job for me!!!
I'm sure by the end of the year people will just as tired of buying things from me as I am of selling them.