Monday, June 15, 2015

Memorial day, Graduations and the end of school

So this picture represents Ashley's last concert that was held on a Mutual night that Jeff had to cover...

which was held at the same time as the Spring show for Jacob (his last event of the year).

All night I was driving back and forth between schools to drop kids off, see part of a performance and then go to the next one and then come back to pick up the other one. 

Between me and 3 other moms we coordinated saving seats, rides and taking pictures of each other's kids as we juggled both of these events. By the time I got to the choir concert my phone had died and so had the other mom's phone. So a copy of the programs is all that represents her concert. 

Jacob has had a lot of fun this year being the mascot he is looking forward to doing it next year as well. 

This is the only picture representing the Father and Son trip for the boys. It had been raining that day and so a lot of people came for the dinner, dessert and fireside but not a lot of people actually camped, included my boys ;)

That's OK we did a girls day the next day anyway. First I took the girls hiking in Sycamore Canyon.

Girl Power

This was made more fun by Jenae bringing her speaker so we could rock out to her music while we hiked. 

After hiking I took them to McDonalds for ice cream.

Maddie smelling like pond, had to stay in the car. 

On Memorial Day we went to the Oleson's house and got to celebrate Dean's 6th birthday.

We were introduced to the family's newest members...Chiweenie puppies. 

So cute! Especially when snuggled all up with you.

Dean and Ian were hiding in the ottoman when we were trying to say goodbye. Silly boys.

For our youth activity that week we went to the Path of Life ministries and served dinner at the Family Shelter.

We fed almost as many youth as we did residents!

I was excited when I found out that I passed the CSET for art! 

Studying for the test had me get interested in pulling out my art supplies again. I figured I'm not going to get any better if I don't practice. 

I've been pulling pictures from facebook of my friends and family to try my hand at portraits.

My first attempt was Janell.

I'm not the best at faces so it's a work in progress. Most people are pleased that I would attempt to draw them, (whether they really like it or not)

The next was my cousin Laurie...

A picture of Kate and Ashley at Sycamore Canyon. 

I hung it in Ashley's room. She allowed me to without much comment. 

My friend Sharla's birthday...just to let her know I'm thinking of her.

Kelzey's graduation. (My only Laurel graduating this year)

And Jenae's graduation. 

I've found even though some of the portraits are not the most polished the picture comes from the heart. I am thinking about the person fondly while I'm drawing them. 

My only regret is that I'm not good enough to capture them as beautiful as they are in real life. Maybe with more practice I'll get better!

We've had a lot of graduations and you can see from our fridge. 

This is my favorite Pinterest idea for the cards...

The only graduation ceremony that we were able to attend was Jenae's. It was fun to be able to sit with family and watch Jenae on her big day. At King it is a limited number of people that can come in but at Ramona they could invite as many as they wanted.

While we were waiting Caden had fun squirting everyone with his mister fan.

Waiting for it to begin.

It was nice that the whole ceremony was only a little over an hour even with around 500 graduates. 

Way to go Jenae! We are so proud of you!

Ashley came home with a perfect attendance certificate this year. I think that's a first!!

(This is a rarity in our family)

I asked the kids what they wanted to do on their first day of summer...they all wanted to go to the beach. It wasn't the warmest day but it was nice enough to be a good beach day. 

There were riptides and the water was cold (as always) so everyone did more hanging out on the sand than anything. Except Ashley who had no problem getting in the water. 

She found a lot of shells and ended up with some pet sea snails for the day. 

Even though it was low key they all thought it was a great beach day. 

This week is starting off with appointments, assignments, Summer school for Jacob, planning for girls camp and a tri-ward activity. Don't know when the beach will happen again...