Friday, July 29, 2016

Jacob's Graduation and Ashley's promotion!!

Jacob's Graduation and Ashley's promotion

The weekend before graduation Jacob had his seminary graduation. At the end of it they walked into the gym with all of us adults cheering them on. 


After four years of early morning seminary they all deserve a round of applause!

The morning of Jacob's graduation Jacob was left a little suprise...


Jacob's graduation day was finally here! It was fun to have family down to see it. This is a picture of just my side but a lot of Jeff's side of the family ended up coming too. 

The graduates...


12 grade

It was warm in the stands but not as hot as it was during Taylor's graduation and we made sure to sit with our backs to the sun. Jacob with cousins...

Grandma and grandpa Hovey          

Grandma Nelson


Angela and Dale

Taylor had a final the same time as Jacob's graduation so only Ashley got to be there.

So proud of you Jacob !

Two days later was Ashley's promotion ceremony. We were glad to be able to have my parents there for that as well. 

Jolene and Jacob there to cheer her on.

Waiting for the ceremony



After all the ceremonies were over Janell planned a day for us to see a taping of Conan O Brian

Lots of fun and a great way to end the week

It was nice to be able to spend time with almost
all of my sisters.

The rest of the kids were at home with my parents. 
I guess it got a little crazy but everyone survived.

Mormon Prom, and Memorial Day and end of the year stuff.

My parents came out for Scott and Jacob's graduation and the day they flew in happened to be Memorial Day so even though they were jetlagged and slept in we drove out to Joel and Virginia's for a barbeque and to hang out with my parents.

 The kids swam...

We most of them....

It ended up being a fun day that we ended with a walk on the pier                                                           


The sunset on the pier.

 We brought Jolene with us too to spend the day.

We ended up getting ice cream too to end off the night. 

After 7 years of braces Ashley finally got them off!

Her teeth seemed so bright after they were off. 

The orthodontist gave her a bucket of all the things that she could now eat after her braces were off....but she had already been eating all of them.. Ha ha.

Jacob got to go to another prom. Mormon prom that was held at a millionaires house. 

Even though they didn't know everyone at the beginning they ended up making friends with people and had a great time.

The group that came together from Riverside (except for Natalie who was formerly from Riverside)...

Jacob and Jolene went cousins. 
Jolene told Jacob "you can ditch me once I'm hanging out with a cute guy"

The results of Ashley's awards night. Can't believe her promotion is coming up soon.

Since I never had a professional photo shoot for Jacob I pulled him out into the backyard one day and we took some pictures...and then I ordered a card on-line.

This was the result...

This was our annual Ice Hockey mutual night that has become a fun tradition...

Ashley had her first opportunity to be the mascot at the Spring Show this year. The feet were so big on her we skipped them and I just put a rubber band around her ankles an the legs covered her shoes and they looked like feet.

She told me she feels like shes a walking head.

Once her part was done she had fun watching the rest of the show with her friends. She's happy to have a few friends that will be on the cheer and pom squad next year with her.

Jacob was celebrated as a senior. His last event and her first!

He had a fun time and will miss it.

This was Jacob's baccalaureate night/ awards ceremony. I guess they combined the two since the attendance at the awards ceremony wasn't the best. It was a loooong list of names that Jacob wasn't a part of. Probably longer than graduation itself!

Jacob didn't seem to mind though since it gave him a chance to hang out with friends some Mark Wherley.

Ashley going to her last school dance of the year...

When it was my turn to host my parents we ended up with a Saturday that was super hot in Riverside and we didn't have a lot going on so we decided last minute to head to the beach.

We thought we'd run over and get some shaved ice while we were there. Unfortunately it was at a hotdog place and only one worker so it took him like an hour to get our order done :(

My parents seem to like coming to the beach!

A few days later we took them to Anchos since they said they were hoping for a good Mexican food place. I love their homemade tortillas there.

Our attempt at a selfie...