Monday, July 19, 2021

December 2020

A few days after the funeral Jeff and I started not feeling well. Not feeling well turned into worse and worse and we realized we had catch the dreaded Covid that we’ve been hearing about all year. We both got tested and it was confirmed. We were tired, feverish, no appetite, cold symptoms, lost her taste and smell and on and on. I had just put up all the Christmas stuff but every day went by in a blur of just hoping to get better.

We stayed at home and ate soup and because I could work from home I continue teaching but it was all I could do to sit upright during my class and then I would lay back down again as soon as it was done. Jeff was very sick for two weeks I was feeling it for more like three. We feel like we lost most of the month of December.

I stayed home a lot but when I was feeling better I was able to do a couple things but not nearly what I normally would like to do during Christmas. One of the things I did do was paint these ornaments and gave a few out.

2020 the year we all stayed home for sure!

Since we couldn’t be connected with church members we decided to send out Christmas cards to the whole stake and have an address service requested so they could update records. That was a huge undertaking. Missionaries ended up helping stuff envelopes and get them ready to mail. Just the prep work alone was a big task! 

For the relief society sisters we had wood cut ornaments that I ordered from Utah. I just had who is society presidents come pick them up for the ward since I wasn’t feeling good. They seemed to like them.


Trying to get in the spirit of zoom school when you’re not feeling well. Right as I was getting off for Christmas break I was a little bit on the upswing but still tired most of the time.

I did do a couple of Christmas craft projects to try and help me get in the spirit.

There’s a beautiful sunset but I was able to enjoy one day

A few days before Christmas I had enough energy to go out and hastily try and pull together some Christmas presents for our family.

We pulled off Christmas and were able to enjoy the day with Taylor Rose, Rhea, Taylor, Jacob and Ashley.

This is Christmas Eve and we didn’t have matching pajamas but I was able to find matching T-shirts and everyone got pajama bottoms.


One of my favorite things is to play games during Christmas with family.

We were also able to get together with the Zook’s and the Oleson’s to do our white elephant gift exchange.

It’s always a little fun, a little crazy and you never know what you’re going to get!




We had a few real presence thrown in there for the nieces and nephews as well.


The funniest was this to person T-shirt that the Taylor’s got.  perfect for them!

Christmas morning was nice and everyone was happy with her presents even though there might not have been as many as there were in the past.


During Christmas break one of the days we went down to the beach. That’s one thing that’s nice about being in Southern California is the weather is nice year round.

Ashley went down to the beach another day to enjoy it before she went back up to Idaho.

After the holidays we say goodbye to Jacob and Ashley as they went back up to school.


Tuesday, July 13, 2021

November 2020 Sarah’s funeral, Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving was the first time in a long time that we had a family get together with more than just one other family. We knew that it was risky but then we also knew that we were going to be having a funeral a few days after Thanksgiving so we decided to enjoy time with family. The Taylor’s decided not to come to Thanksgiving and they went to Zion instead.

Cheri and Ryan and all of their kids were able to be there.


Elsa snuggling Penny.

Jarek and Kaitlyn were able to come down as well as Kenny and his family. It was rough because everyone was mourning Sarah’s passing.


Originally Jacob and Ashley weren’t going to come down for Thanksgiving but since they didn’t want to miss Sarah’s funeral they came down for the whole week.


We were glad to have Gage and Christine and Chase and Valerie as well. 

Losing a family member helps you realize how precious family is!



Steve helping in the kitchen with Jeff!

Our favorite part of family time is the family games. Steve is the master of leading everyone in games.

I love that my family gets to be part of Jeff’s family when we have gatherings. It makes for a great time we’re nobody has to be left out.

The Monday after Thanksgiving we celebrated Sarah‘s life. Our heart breaks that she’s no longer with us. Her health was not well at the end of her life and we are glad she’s no longer suffering.


We celebrated Sara’s spunky, fun and generous personality. She lived her life to the fullest and we will miss her.

I had the honor of being able to put together her program. It was a labor of love Even though it was emotionally tough.

The funeral turned out to be a nice day filled with family and friends and people that Came to honor Sara as well. Since we couldn’t do a big gathering in person we did her funeral on zoom as well which allowed for people who couldn’t make it to be able to watch it.

After the funeral if we were able to enjoy a family lunch together.

At the gravesite we dedicated her grave and then were able to lay flowers on Kristy’s and Julie’s graves. They are all in the same area.



Afterwards the cousins spent time at the house together. Looking at these pictures makes me realize what was to come was inevitable. 

Multiple people ended up with Covid including us.



Jeff’s sister Karen came down for the funeral and we were able to spend some quality time with her. We all met up at Mission Inn as well and try to enjoy a little bit of the beginning of the holiday season.




Vanessa made the sweet ornaments for us to remember the sisters. It was very thoughtful and touching.

It was a blessing to go through old pictures and bring back memories of Christmas is past