Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hawaii 2015 - Oahu

It feels like way after the fact but here is our trip to Hawaii. 

We stayed at the Ilikai in downtown Waikiki and this was the view from our room after all day of flying. 

Before we could go out and enjoy we stopped at the store to pick up supplies and dinner. 

The kids wanted to hit the beach, even though it was we did for like 10 minutes. 

The next day we started off our day going to the Aloha bowl to pick up a few things...including sunglasses for all. 

It's one of our favorite places to shop. They have a little bit of everything including fresh fruit...

and artisans hand carving their shop items.

Today we decided to hit a beach that we hadn't been to before on the other side of the island. 
The drive was beautiful. 

The beach was great and the water was nice. 

Glad to be here!

We met some new friends. Jeff got to talk for awhile with an Italian couple...I didn't include their picture because the man was squatting next to Jeff in it in a itsy-bitsy speedo which was bordering on indecent. (You could tell who was visiting from Europe there)

This family loved Taylor...because he helped them by finding their go-pro that they lost in the ocean and contained all their son's wedding pictures on it. 

Good snorkeling Taylor!

Driving back to Waikiki we enjoyed more of the scenery....

With time left in the day I hung out at the pool with the kids. 

It was Jacob's 17th birthday that day and we told him we could do anything he wanted for it. 

He wanted to go to Outback it was. 

Happy Birthday Jacob!

The next day we drove back to the other side of the island to go to the "cliff jumping" beach that the boys had been talking about. 

We pull up and I see this sign. I wasn't very excited in fact the mom in me was quiet anxious. 

Of course nobody was following the sign and everyone was jumping of the rocks. 

The boys laughed at my all I could do is hold the camera and hope for the best.

Jacob was brave and didn't even want to think about it so he got up and jumped quick...

down he goes...

and splash into the water. Jacob ended up jumping over and over again. You would think we were at a water park!

Taylor and Jeff jumped too and even Ashley jumped off the shorter version. 

Taylor did some snorkeling with the go pro and got some good shots...

of a school of fish...


and some great shots of a sea turtle that was in the shallow water. 

The kids said that this beach was their favorite of the whole trip. I was glad when we were all walking away from it unhurt. 

We hadn't eaten lunch yet so we drove...

stopped for selfies...

and found some food to eat. 

All that jumping wiped everyone out. 

But not enough to pass by the Dole plantation on the way back.

Their frozen whips with the fresh pineapple on top was so refreshing!!

Back to the pool. As I'm reading my book I feel sprinkles. I look up and it looks like there aren't any clouds but sure enough its sprinkling. You can see the rainbow in between the buildings. 

Our last day in Oahu we let the kids sleep in and Jeff and I went to the general office for New York Life and he spoke. He knows the managing partner and since we were in town he offered to come out. He did a great job as always. 

Meeting some of the Hawaii agents. This guy was tall!

Here is Romani and his secretaries...

Jeff and I picked up the kids and Romani took us all to lunch at a food truck. But this wasn't just any food truck, it was featured on Diner's, Drive-ins and Dives and the food was great.

After lunch we got a tour of their new house in Hawaii. (they just moved in recently) 
It was gorgeous with a great view.

Making friends with their dog.

Jacob enjoying the view. 

Afterwards we went straight over to Paradise Cove for a Luau. 

They had activities while we waited for dinner to start.

Trying our hand at "spear" throwing 

Watching the sunset...

The Luau was nice but nothing compared to the Polynesian Culture Center.

If I had a choice I would definitely choose PCC.

Our last night in Oahu.

Just a word about our room we stayed in. This was our view when we closed the blinds at was never fully closed. Our air conditioning was a window unit tucked behind the couch. Hawaii was hotter than I've ever seen it and it didn't do a good job keeping the room cool. Jeff and I roasted and the kids who had to sleep on the couch would freeze, ha ha.

Of to Kauai...