Sunday, November 6, 2016

Summer 2016, Marseille France

We arrive in Marsielle France and got off the boat. 

We didn't book any excursions through the ship so we were relying on the mercy of the cab drivers. 

We found a cab no problem and had him drive us to the top of the hill to see Notre Dame. There were other tour buses that just went there for their excursion but we were able to get in and out and then see more and get up the absolutely crazy roads to get there. 

There were services going on in the main chapel so we went into the crypt instead. 

I was surprised that the crypts look the same as chapels. 

Happy to be here with our children. 

View of the city.

My favorite part of the church was the plaque and marks on the wall that showed evidence of World War II and the fact that the church was still there. 

After seeing the church we had the driver bring us to a local beach so we could relax. 

We drove through the old port and then through the city and to the beach. 

We wanted to experience a beach on the French Riviera. It was soon that I realized we were on the French Rivera...and people think nothing of going topless. 

I noticed it pretty quick but I didn't say anything to anyone for awhile. It was very crowded and there were only a handful of topless people but it was enough. Most of them were older women or really thin women. The thought came to me that they were probably just as shocked with my prudish tankini and American fat rolls as I was with their bare breasts.  I said something to Jeff  about not pointing it out to the kids or mentioning it until after we leave the beach. Jeff looked at me and said "What are you talking about" He hadn't noticed topless people because he wasn't really paying attention until I said something. We mentioned it after we left the beach and the kids had noticed it right away, ha ha.

The water was nice but the water was colder than I thought it would be. There was a cute French girl that was asking me my name and things in French she was trying to hard to communicate and I thought it was very sweet. 

From the beach we took a bus back to the center of the city and walked around a little bit. It kind of had a fair atmosphere. 

Another street performer that looked like a statue. 

This was a walkway that had a mirror on the top so it was hard to tell this this picture what is up and what is down. 

After a long day in the sun it was nice to come back on the ship and have a good meal together.