Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Women's Conference and Mother's Day and Prom

This year Women's Conference was a much needed time away with friends to rejuvenate ourselves spiritually and personally. I think the consensus was that it was much needed, much appreciated and was a good reminder of ourselves when we were younger, life was more simple and uncomplicated.  

Before we went we started a group text where we would communicate with each other as we were getting ready...or avoiding getting ready. 

The drive was beautiful, full of talking and pit stops (we are a car full of women). 

The theme for the week was floral...if you had it you wore it...I guess I have a lot of it. 

We made it to BYU without and mishaps and were happy to meet up and enjoy the conference together...

Great speakers, great insights...

and great music. 

Some of our favorite parts were meeting up at the end of the day for a meal and talking about what we had learned and more importantly how we were going to apply it to real life. 

Roomates for the week...

Hoping we'll all be like this some day.. :)

It was a wonderful conference and we all resolved to incorporate habits that would stick... they did for awhile and we kept each other accountable through our group text but real life is slipping in as well as summer...so we are working to get back on track. 

Looking forward to more women's conference in the future with these women...if the stars allign and we can all get away at the same time again. 

This was a mutual night where the boys made things for the moms for Mother's day...

They dipped things in chocolate and had fun...

a little too much fun. This was the trampoline split all the way down the middle by the end of the night. 

Luckily one of the other leaders helped us find a replacement pad on-line and we ordered a replacement before mutual was over. We were planning to have a house full of family that weekend and wanted to be able to have the trampoline for the kids!

That Sunday for Mother's Day we had a big gathering with all the family from both of our sides!

I love having a house big enough to have our crazy family get togethers...

As always we had lots of food. 

Jolene and Boston

My side of the family has now been introduced to our crazy games that are played at family parties. 

There is Mafia and Signs that are the family favorites. 

Some people like them more than others but all in all everyone has fun. 

As for the little kids they like uncle Jeff and all the candy he passes out.

We'll have to look forward to the next family gathering...

Jacob's prom date didn't work out this year but he didn't let that stop him and he ended up going anyway with a group of friends. 

I love how Jacob doesn't let disappointments or set backs hold him down for long. He had fun. 

Jacob and his friend Kevin

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