Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our family...what you don't see... again

This is the post that got deleted. Luckily My Dad had it e-mail form and sent it to me. Thanks Dad ;)

I was very happy to get some updated family pictures recently
I always love to see the nicely dressed, nicely posed family pictures. Doesn't everyone look so happy and perfect :)...

In my lesson a couple of weeks ago we talked about being able to see. Like the magic eye books you can see the pictures but you have to really look to "see the picture" at least the one underneath.

Soooo I thought it would be fun to share to stuff behind the scenes so you could see our family behind the perfect portrait.

Like the kids waiting to see the proofs of our pictures...they were pretty much done at this point and ready to get out of their church clothes. (they think church clothes on Saturday should be a crime).

Luckily Jeff bought suckers to bribe them.

Look at home Jacob is so nicely practicing the piano....(this is the default past time of choice when I make the kids turn off the TV and they don't want to do their homework yet)

While Taylor is torturing Ashley with views of too much Taylor in his cross country outfit. (Look at her just trying to do her homework and now he has to push buttons)


Jeff and I just celebrated our 18th anniversary!!!

I came home from Women's conference to celebrate with him. He got me these and a present even though we agreed that we would just go out to celebrate. (I felt like a heel because I didn't come up with a card for him till mid-week. Luckily I have a forgiving husband)

A few hours after I flew in Jeff and I celebrated at Battle of the Dance down in Anaheim. (They were nice enough to retake this picture so Jeff could stand on a chair. They even hid the chair)

It was a great show with lots of acts in between the dance numbers.

I would recommend it!

OK here is one of those "Guess what it Is" know those ones where they show the picture up close and you have to figure out what it is.

No peeking at the next picture yet.

Just think and see if you can guess what this is....or was....

Yes this is a comb attacked by the dog.

Judging by the looks of it, it was past it's prime anyway.

OK here's another one.....take your guess.

One of Maddie's tennis balls.

All her toys are officially being destroyed :( :(

Hmmmmm I'm sure everyone knows what these are....

Could someone please help me get rid of the rest of this candy.

It just sits here when everyone else is at school...calling to me.

I'm sure this is an easy one but I liked the look of this picture so I kept it.

Yep it's our Easter Lilys at their prime. (Right now all the blooms are gone) It was nice to have them while they lasted.

OK take a guess at this beautiful creation....

It was supposed to be these Reeses cupcake cookies...but it fell apart.

I brought these to Jeff's family mother's day celebration...the family liked them despite how they looked.

All right for the next one....

Yup, wet dog.

We've started putting Maddie in the shower with Ashley when she takes one about once a week. Boy as soon as Ashley is done getting washed and calls me to bring the dog in Maddie comes running.

It took a little coaxing but the dog will jump in the shower on her own now!!

OK last one....

Any ideas???

Believe it or not this was our cake topper for our wedding. We got married in the San Diego Temple the first day it was open.

Last week I took Shawna's idea for a Family Home Evening lesson.

We were out on an errand Monday evening and Jeff and I announced we were going to the temple. We pulled out a coin and had the kids flip it. Heads to go right and tails to go left.

Immediately Ashley complained "I'm not dressed for it!! I have shorts on!!! We can't go now!!!"

She was very worried about what she was wearing.

As we flipped coins and didn't get anywhere we eventually made it back to our house and had a nice lesson on how you have to have a plan to go to the temple and can't just get there by chance.

It was a nice lesson on modesty too :)

Ashley was very relieved that we weren't really going there right then.

We did this lesson because the boys got to go to baptisms for the dead with Jeff and visit the temple for real a couple of days later.

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