Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

I hope everybody's mom's day rocked yesterday.

We woke up to 9:00 church after staying up til midnight to hear all the stuff about Taylor's Youth Conference. I had a lesson, Jeff had a lesson but still he found time to get the kids to sign a card, give me my gift from the kids and make me breakfast.

Off to church and then getting ready to head up to Palmdale to spend Mother's Day with Jeff's family at Kenny's house.

Thanks Kenny for hosting!

It's amazing how the babies in the family are growing.

Steve, ever the planner, got the guys to have all our kids write us notes.

It was hilarious to pretend not to hear the conversations in the other room as Jeff is trying to accomplish this. I hear Ashley saying "But I've already written her 5 notes!!"
Jeff tells her "Then write her 6"

(she had done 1 from school, 2 from achievement day, one from Primary and a card that morning)

She kept complaining "I don't know what to say. I've said it all!!!"
Jeff didn't want to hear it  "Just write."

I was also touched and pleasantly surprised that Jenae wrote sweet Mother's day notes to all of her aunts.

These notes were read as our feet were massaged. :)

I read slowly...

Look at all these good husbands.

It never fails to amaze me how we never have any problem snuggling together to celebrate stuff....close, loud and proud.  We always love family get togethers even though they take a little recovery time from the hosting family (thanks again Kenny and Sharon).

Here's Grandma getting our present...among other things a new picture for her wall of families.

The highlight of her mother's day was the quilt that Nancy Haun made as a tribute to Julie.

We were all touched at the thought, time, energy and love that Nancy put into this quilt.

Tahna and Steve commisioned it and Cheri had input too. Everyone loved it and the memories of Julie it brought back.

Some of my favorite quotes from my mother's day wishes from cards and notes...

Taylor " I know that sometimes I can be kind of a stinker, but thats just how teenagers are. Thanks for tolerating me...and my weird and wacky friends...(he said thanks for different things)...With Love, Taylor (the extremely awesome one)

Jacob "You're the best mom a child could ask for. And also the best wife any man could ask for. Your'e the total package...And the most important thing of all. Thanks for having me!" 

(I had to laugh at the wife comment)

And last but not least...

Ashley " Recipe for the perfect mother,
Begin with a cup of joy
Mix with soft, beautiful, dirty blonde hair,
Add an ounce of yellow
Next stir in tulips
Bake for nine minutes
and serve to Jacob, Taylor, Dad and you."

Now back to real life...I've got some laundry calling my name....

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