Friday, October 3, 2008

Thanks to good friends...

This year I ended up having the best belated birthday ever! Sharla set up what was supposed to be a joint Family Home Evening at the park and what ended up being a suprise belated birthday party in the backyard with Sharla, Wanda and Wendi and their families. I was definately surprised, but in a good way.

Sharla was worried that I would stress about everyone decending upon my house but since I didn't know about it before hand there was really no stress involved. I usually never stress when people are at my house because I figure the house is what it is by that point and theres no changing it. There was some moving of piles and sweeping up of Ashley's sand experiments but thats OK.

The cake was very cute, very thoughtful in the sense that I knew it was sacrifice in numerical stickers as well:)

My favorite thing I got was the card/book that was secretly signed by 35 people! well I guess you know how old I am now if you didn't already.

The kids never got to experience the games that were prepared for them because they were having too much fun playing video games in the house while we visited outside. Fine by me.

Thanks!!! Thanks!!! and Thanks again!!!


Christine said...

OK I don't know what happened to my inky dinky pictures. When I figure it out I'll try and fix it.

Costa Rica Baby! said...

Those are small! But we can click on the to see larger. :)
How fun!!!! You are loved Christine, I hope you know that!!!