Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mom lesson # 520

OK so you try and teach your children every lesson that you think that they’ll need to learn in life. So why do they always throw things in there that you don’t prepare for.

I was upstairs cleaning on Friday when Ashley asked me for a toothpick. I had the foresight to ask her what she was going to be using it for and she assured me it was because she had something in her teeth. I gave her her toothpick and then went back to cleaning. Not more than two minutes later Ashley is crying. I called to her from upstairs to try and get her to tell me what was wrong but she wouldn’t tell me.

I came downstairs to find her leaning over the trash can as blood is dripping from her nose. She was crying that her nose was bleeding. It’s not the first time it’s bled but I was shocked at how much it was bleeding and what had caused it. I asked her and she wouldn’t say anything. I looked down to see a toothpick with blood on one end. She had been picking her nose with the toothpick! No wonder it was bleeding.

So I had to give Ashley mom lesson #520 “Don’t ever pick your nose with a toothpick!”

By the way Ashley was not happy that I was taking pictures of her predicament for the blog. But I told her it was for educational purposes so nobody would do the same thing. I still don't think she was too happy.


Anne Marie said...

What a hard lesson to learn. I hope she feels better soon.

The Parkers said...

That is a hard lesson... I need to remember this one when Lizzie get's older