Friday, October 31, 2008

blackmail pictures

FYI Taylor posted a cute response to his "was the video game ruined in the wash survey" if you would like to check it out.

Just click on the link to Boyer Boys to check it out.

Warning: he posted some blackmail pictures of Jeff and I as well.

Happy Halloween all!


lance n sarah said...

Hi Christine, I so want a pair or those glasses. So fun! I saw an tip in a magazine that said if you drop your phone in water to take it apart and put in a tupperware along with a silica gel pack (found in a purse or a shoebox, or bag of beef jerky) Put a lid on it and wait a day and it should absorb all the wetness. Not sure if it will work with the DS but I read that its working. Glad I found your blog. Do I still owe you anything? I keep thinking I do. Let me know.

Christine said...


You don't owe me anything that I know of. So far we're all good. Thanks!

I got the glasses at Target if your interested. $2.00 for 4 of them. Not bad for all the fun we've been having with them.

I'm trying to get Jeff to put on his nerd outfit again for tonight.