Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

So my next Prop 8 sign lasted less than 24 hours.

I brought it in last night and put it out today and sometime between 2:00 and 5:00 it was defaced. I'd show you a picture but it's obscene and has cuss words on it.

So nice.

Perfect for my young children.

That's fine. I took it down and filed a police report over the internet and called the Press Enterprise. They are passing it to their political person. They wanted to know if it's happening to anyone else in this area.

So if you know of anyone else in our area that's had their signs or bumper stickers vandalized or stolen let me know and I'll give them a list.

I'm considering putting a new one taped inside my second story window but to tell you the truth I'm worried about what they'll do to my car and/or house.

Who knew it would get ugly so quick.


Costa Rica Baby! said...

Continue to be BRAVE my dear Christine!!! Tape that sign in your window!

robert schoepp said...

reading the google blog entry

i'll stay on supporting google,
and if I'll ever have children, I'll tell them, that traditional marriage and same-sex marriage are okay.

They should decide by themself, who they want to love.

I think on discrimination, claiming a right, and ignoring some minors.
gay-ones also have their own VALUES and BELIEFS.

to enlighten children I'd vote NO to prop 8.

Christine said...

I respect your right to your opinion. But I feel that I have the right to have my opinion and display that opinion as well.

I would not take down and/or deface a no-on-8 opinion. I am not going to delete your comment even if I don't agree with it.

I have a problem with people taking away my freedom of expression because they don't agree with it.

I think this is the time for people to voice their opinions about this issue and after election day support whatever happens. I don't think it's right to silence people because you don't agree with them especially if they are respectful in their delivery.

To tell you the truth the vicious and vulgur way the person expressed their opinion on our yes on Prop 8 sign worries me even more how those of us with traditional views will be treated if Prop 8 does pass!

Kristen said...

Glad you guys had fun at Jeff's high school reunion! He's too young to be going to a 20 year reunion though:)

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it! That is crazy that someone would do that to your sign... again!
Very well said Christine on your comment from "blackwiteshot"

YES ON 8!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Yes, I have had one taken and so did next door neighbors. We take it down every night and put it back up again in the morning for this reason.
I am so happy that you called the newspaper. I think the paper did a good job!