Monday, April 15, 2019

September 2108 - Jacob's homecoming

Jacob's Homecoming

The long awaited day of Jacob completing his mission was finally here. I got off early from school so I could meet him at the airport. His plane ended up getting delayed a few hours so the kids had time to make signs for him and hang out some. 

Our long awaited hugs!!

So nice to back together again as a family

That evening we met up with whoever was available to go to Spaghetti Factory for dinner.  It was supposed to be a lunch  but since his plane was delayed so long it ended up being dinner which worked out because more family could make it. 

On Sunday we all gathered to hear Jacob's homecoming talk and then met at the house for a meal. 

We had quite a group. Aunt Cindy ruined every single family picture with her "bunny ears" :(  One of these days I'll figure out how to photoshop it out. 

One of the families of Jacob's companions came all the way up for his homecoming and we got to visit with them at the house. 

Enjoying the weather outside.

My family was able to make it and Jacob got to meet Paisley for the first time. 

Friends like the Hales and the Ralstons and more came too.

The favorite from all the kids was the games led by Steve. He's the best at leading the games!!

Signs and Mafia are the favorites. 

Annora and Paisley making friends. 

We also surprised Jacob with a car when he got home so he could be independent!

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