Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Day 3 Ngorongoro Crater

Today we left the Serengeti and visited the Ngorongoro Crater. 

The entrance has some pretty aggressive baboons that you had to watch out for. We had to quickly close the doors when we left the car because they were known to come in and steal things. We watched them take a backpack off the ground and take it into the trees and it was gone forever. We were careful with our stuff around them, ha ha. 

To get to the crater we had to descend down a long road to get to the bottom of the crater. The animals were in a smaller area than they were in the Serengeti so we saw more of them in a faster time.  

The highlight of today was seeing the rhinos. They are a bit elusive and usually don't get very close to the cars. This was a mom and her baby. They weren't very close to us but close enough we could get a few pictures with our zoom. 

Mom rhino seemed a little uncomfortable with all of the attention of the cars and was watchful until eventually they ran off. 

For lunch we stopped at a lake and ate. 

We liked this tree by the lake.

There is a "Do not feed the animals" sign on the tree but Ashley is being a rebel...but I don't think her food is going to help much...

Ian really enjoyed the safari and liked seeing all the animals and waving to people as we drove by. 

We had another close encounter with a lion today. 

We had a female and a male lion walking right next to our car. The female even walked up and peed on the back of one of the cars. Ashley had her window open at one point and was watching the lion until it got closer and closer and we all yelled at her to "Close the window!" and then it walked right by it!

There was a long line of cars watching the lions and our driver was great jockeying for position so we could have a good view of the lions. 

Again we took a lot of pictures today of animals large and small. 

Another great day on safari.

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