Wednesday, April 17, 2019

December 2018

Ashley's dream this year was to recreate the Christmas Card picture that we took a long time ago with Maddie and all the kids. It took a few tries but we finally got it. 

Here is the final Christmas Card.

During the Christmas season we went down to the Festival of Lights at the Mission Inn a couple of times. 

Jeff found his buddy.

and I found mine...ha ha. 

They had an art instillation that we checked out. This hanging "seat" constantly changed colors.

Before Christmas we had a couple of days that we celebrated with my family. We had fun with our white elephant gift exchange. 

We gave and received all kinds of kooky things and it was a lot of fun. 

Taylor is now the proud owner of a squatty potty and wipes. 

demonstrating it. 

Jacob's new Christmas coat.

While the family was in town we went to the lights again. 

Paisley was at a stage where she really loved lights and was saying "lights" every time she saw them. 

This time Jacob was with us.

The whole fam bam

At the end we met up with Taylor Rose, Morgan and Rhea who live so close they could walk to us. 

Angela and Robert stayed and went to church with us the next day. 

Christmas Eve was quiet and we all opened our traditional Christmas pj's.

Merry Christmas Eve!

Christmas morning

We had a nice Christmas and then cleaned up and got ready for the rest of the family. 

We were able to have Taylor Rose's sister, nephew and niece with us at Christmas too. 

We had quite a houseful that day. 

A lot of the family is moving out of state (or already live out of state) so it was nice to have so many including Gage and Chase and their wives which we haven't seen for years. 

One of the games the boys wanted for Christmas was Catan so that was played a few times. 

Before Jacob headed off to school we had a going away dinner. 

Jacob is off to BYU Idaho to start his next adventure. 

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