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November 2018 - Thanksgiving in Hawaii

This Thanksgiving we spend the holiday in Hawaii. We were trying to find a time to be able to take a trip as a family before Jacob went to school at the same time that the rest of our schedules alligned and the Thanksgiving break was the only time that worked.

Even though it was November the weather in Hawaii was pleasant. We had some drizzle and clouds but it wasn't ever cold and we still enjoyed sightseeing, hiking and spending time together as a family.

The first morning after arriving we walked to a breakfast place that had good reviews...

and then hit the beach in Waikiki with a shaved ice. 

It wasn't very hot so eventually only the birds were interested in it. 

This was a view from our place. 

That night we walked around the shops that were right next to our hotel. 

We found food and window shopped. 

The next morning we went to the Aloha bowl to do more shopping as we were waiting for Taylor's flight in. He couldn't come as early as we could so we picked him up from the airport and the swap meet was near the airport. 

Picking up a Hawaiian shirt for Jacob.

Ashley checking out the giant fruit.

After we picked up Taylor we went to Pearl Harbor and went inside the submarine to explore. 

Right now nobody can go on the USS Arizona memorial because its structurally unsound and it has to be renovated. 

We enjoyed exploring the submarine and found it interesting. 

I would be claustrophobic if I had to live on this thing. 

It wasn't easy for Jeff even getting through the portholes, imagine large soldiers!

We were there just as Pearl Harbor was getting close to closing so we were glad we at least had a little bit of time. 

The "titanic" pose, ha ha. 

The next day we went to church on the other side of the island to go to the ward where a boy from our ward was serving his mission. 

Cody Cowden and Jacob were buddies growing up and even were EFY companions once. It was nice to see him. 

As we drove home we stopped along the way to check out some of the beautiful beaches and walk along the shore. 

Getting a good shot. The kids were constantly taking pictures of each other. 

We found a place to hike in the middle of the neighborhood with a trail that was maintained by the community. While we were hiking we met a lot of dog walkers and nice people. At one point it started raining and we were a little nervous if we needed to come back down and but we pushed through and made it to the top. 

Once we were at the top we had a great view. 

More pictures. 

Coming back down the trail. 

The next day we headed out to do some swimming. Ashley wanted to get a picture in front of the Banyan tree which is kind of a tradition since we started coming to Hawaii. 

Loving the water

and the views.

I saw this sign in town and had to laugh. It was on a Hawaiian Rent-All and it said "When U said U luv me for my breast & tail - I misunderstood: said the turkey. #Happy Thanksgiving!"

When we were driving to the north shore we had to stop for a dole whip at the Dole plantation. 

Ashley and I ended up getting a couple of pearls here since it was cheaper than the places in Waikiki and we even each bought a necklace to put it in. 

We went on a hike to Waimea falls. 

Ashley had us go to a botanical garden the last time we were in Hawaii just to see one of these tree trunks that look like its a painting. 

Finally made it to the falls. 

Only Jeff, Ashley and Taylor actually went into the water (it was cold) They braved it and it was chilly!

That night we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center for dinner and a show. 

While we  were there we met up with David Bannister. 

He's loving Hawaii

We found a mini-me of Taylor while in the gift shop, ha ha. 

The show was amazing as always and we got to sit right next to a visiting general authority from the church who was coming to watch. 

The next morning we went with Jacob to the temple in Laie which was a first for me. 

Afterwards we met up with Cody Cowden and his companion again and took them to lunch outside of the Polynesian cultural center where they had food trucks. (There weren't a lot of food place options on north shore). 

Eating shaved ice at Matsumoto Shaved Ice. It's a really popular place to get shaved ice but I didn't think it was much different than other places and the tables where we were eating it were plagued by bees!

Us checking out the beach near our place in the north shore in between scattered showers. 

We drove back down to the south to get traditional Thanksgiving dinner. We had an invitation to a Tongan Thanksgiving but it would have been people we didn't know with unfamiliar food and we (I) wanted a traditional dinner. We went to a dinner and it worked out. 

It was the easiest Thanksgiving dinner I've ever had, ha ha. 

On the way back we stopped at the Valley of the temples Memorial Park and went to our favorite place to stop. 

The replica of Japan’s 950-year-old Byodo-In stands in the Temple of Equality. 

Exploring the grounds.

When we got back from Hawaii it was back to our busy lives but it was nice to take time to spend time as a family together. 

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