Monday, July 29, 2019

May 2019 - Women's Conference

In may I had the opportunity to go to women's conference with a great group of women. 
It's always a wonderful spiritual uplift.

Virginia and I flew up together.

It always amazes me how many women are there at the conference.

One of my favorite times is sitting together and sharing things we learned in our classes.

This year we made matching shirts to wear one of the days. I got use of my Cricut and I created a design (with a lot of imput, ha ha) They turned out pretty good!

I always love visiting BYU at this time of year. The weather is nice and the flowers are beautiful. 

My aunt Elaine was gracious enough to host us again this year. She even made us a wonderful breakfast while we were with her. She is the ultimate host!

We all wore our matching shirts today!

On our way to class...

Virginia and I did service during one of the sessions and helped make magic yarn wigs for cancer patients. It was a very involved process with a lot of steps and we were glad when it finally got signed off and we could sign the card and take our picture with the finished product.


That night we enjoyed the concert on campus. 


The next day Virginia and I decided to skip one of the sessions and go to the art museum instead. 

These are some of the most interesting displays they had there. 


This was a giant, organic stick sculpture that was probably 8 feet tall and extended across the room. (I should of had Virginia stand in front of it to show the scale of it. 

Another great Women's Conference!

The ladies surprised me with my very own graduation party. I decided not to walk when I graduated and they made me feel like I truly graduated. I was completely touched and surprised!


They borrowed a cap and gown from a random neighbor and had it hiding upstairs. 

When I came downstairs they blew bubbles and all read me notes of congratulations and gave me hugs!

I was so touched! I will cherish this memory forever!


Thanks for making me feel so loved!

Thanks Elaine for being a great host and letting us all crash at your house and for taking such good care of us.  

The ladies all learning about air drop so we could share all our pictures of our time together. 

Virginia and I were supposed to meet up with Jacob for lunch but we took so long he had to meet us at Elaine's house. Ha ha. At least she got to see him. 

Virginia and I got to hang out with Jacob for lunch. We brought him to the Habit which he hasn't been to before and he liked it. 

Virginia did some shopping and then went back to the airport to fly home to our families. 

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