Monday, July 29, 2019

May 2019 - Random May events

In no particular order some of the events that happened in May

We picked up a bunch of strawberries and replenished our strawberry freezer jam supply. 


I did some crocheting....

And redecorated a section of the kitchen to accommodate more pictures and update the look.
 (I should have included a before picture)

We went down to the beach to go to Trevor's wedding reception and met up with Joel and Virginia for dinner before. Ashley and I tried oysters for the first time.


We liked the restaurant and would go back again!

After the restaurant Joel and Virginia took us to Handel's ice cream which was also yummy. 

Jeff and I got to go and see Fiddler on the Roof at the Segerstom. 

If was a great performance. 

I got called to do Jury duty and for the first time was called to a trial and put in the jury box.

I was all prepared to do it but on the third day of going to court they declared a mistrial and we were all dismissed. It was going to be almost a month long trial so I wasn't too disappointed that I didn't have to do it, ha ha. 

We went to a Pentatonix concert with Steve and Tahna and Dale and Elsa and family.


It ended up being a fun concert and made even better when we got moved down to really great seats. Rachel Platten was one of the opening acts and she was great too.  

I helped make graduation cards for a foster kids graduation event and helped pack gift baskets for them with a group of social workers and people from the Grove church.

Jeff and I took a cooking class at Le Gourmet Kitchen. It ended up being a fun night together. 

The cooking class was held in a store that sold kitchen renovations and fixtures. In that back they had their kitchen and held classes. 

We started out with plates of snacks as we started the process of cooking. 


We all participated in some way to prepare our meal. 

This was our salad.

Our main course. We had homemade cheesecake, vegetables, mashed potatoes and prime rib and salad. Once the food was cooking the staff served us as we sat in the dining room and got to enjoy everything. When I posted pictures our friends told us to let them know next time we were going to do it so they could come with us. 

We spent Memorial Day in Fallbrook with Joel and Virginia and Robert and Angela.

We started out attending a Memorial Day service at the Masonic Cemetery. 

We played with Paisley to entertain her...and us during the service. 

When we looked at things to do in Fallbrook one of the suggestions was to take a tour in this mansion and garden. There was an entrance fee but we thought it would be worth is since it had good reviews.

There wasn't much to the "mansion" other than a ballroom and a couple of rooms upstairs for a bride and groom to get ready. It wasn't a house, it was a venue. It was still nice to see but the grounds were the best thing to explore. 

The grooms room had a pool table.

Outside the kids ran around and we walked along the trails.

Some of the grounds were really beautiful. It reminded me of Hawaii. 

After lunch our last stop was Myrtle Creek Botanical Garden, Nursery. It was a cute place with a fairy Garden, all sorts of plants and even goats that could be fed.

This house held a workshop/giftshop where you could buy and assemble everything you needed to make your own fairy garden. 

At the end we got some dessert and tried some of their famous berry pie. Yummy. 

While Jeff and Taylor were flying to Hawaii I was back home with Ashley who was finishing finals. I also was helping with a volunteer event where we were making Magic Yarn Wigs. When I came out of the training I could see the temple all lit up. 


The next day I had the opportunity to be a "fairy godmother" at the Magic Yarn Event. It was a busy and long day but very rewarding and a lot of volunteers were able to make it. Much more than they thought and they brought tons of donations as well. It was a very successful day!

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