Monday, July 29, 2019

April 2019 - Easter

This month Jacob flew down for a quick trip home during a long weekend break at school. 

It was a fast trip but we were glad to have him. 

Ashley whisked Jacob away one of the days and brought him to the beach with her friends. 

I think he was happy to get out of the Idaho cold

Ashley's routine going to the beach this year is to 

1. Get Sancho's tacos for lunch
2. Stay at the beach until sunset
3. Sneak in to the Marriot heated swimming pool (I guess they haven't got kicked out yet)
4. Get In-n-Out on the way home. 

While Jacob and Ashley were at the beach Jeff and I took the Taylor's out for a nice steak dinner at Flemmings. 

Sneak peak of Ashley's prom dress getting fitted for next month's prom. 

Easter weekend we had Angela and Robert come down to spend the night. We ate at the Old Spaghetti Factory Saturday night. 

Easter morning we all went to church together. Ian even got to sing with the Primary kids and was happy that they were singing his favorite primary song. 


In the afternoon we got to enjoy Cheri's twins and family coming over for Easter dinner. 

Grandma and Hannah holding Jack and Luke

The kids always enjoy the egg hunt...

We also got to have Morgan and Galileo over and he enjoyed grabbing eggs too. 

Getting their pick of the prizes.

Trying to fly a kite in the backyard.

This crew was inside relaxing.

Worn out dad.

We were grateful to enjoy the day with family. 

Before Jacob flew out we met up with the Taylors for a quick dinner before Jacob went to the airport. 

Every once in a while people will meet up with Jacob when they are in town and send me pictures. The Cowdens took Jacob to lunch one day and sent me this picture.

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