Wednesday, July 31, 2019

April 2019 - Ashley's Junior Prom

Ashley was able to go to her Junior Prom this year with a group of friends. They rented a limo, and had a fun photo shoot at our house. 

When looking for ideas for fun pictures we saw this idea on Pinterest to cover the wall with paper plates. 

I also had some photo props thinking they would use them in front of the backdrop. They didn't really use them but it made for fun decorations anyway. 

Beautiful girls!

The tailor did a great job on Ashley's dress.

As it got closer to the limo pick up more and more people came to bring prom goers and take pictures. We thought it would be a small thing and we ended up having a houseful! We didn't mind though. We were happy to host.

Ashley didn't go with anyone specifically as a date but she didn't seem to mind and enjoyed just being with all her friends. 


After the photo shoot everyone came inside and ate pizza before they headed off in the limo for a great night at the dance. Ashley had a lot of fun at her prom that night...though her shoes didn't stay on her feet too long, ha ha. 


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