Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day

We started labor day weekend with a baby shower...getting ready for Jenise's LABOR and delivery a month from now. Congratulations Jenise! It's so cute to see her stomach finally poking out ;)

The party was at Anne Marie's house.

There were more people than I've ever seen at a baby shower! By the end, as people trickled in there was standing room only (especially since all the younger girls were taking up the floor)

We played lots of games including break the water (they had to melt ice quick that's why there are funny looks from the girls)...

Guess the number of diapers in the diaper cake...(by the way there were 67 if you ever want to make one)

And my favorite the candy matching game...

It's played like memory and when you get a match there is candy that goes with it.

(Also notice Tahna's prize for the winner of the diaper drawing. She went out and took pictures around Riverside to spell LOVE. We saw this idea in Utah at the Quilted Bear. She was hoping for a black frame to make it perfect but alas, Kohl's was out of them. It still looks cute, the winner can just spray paint it black if she likes :)

The candy along with the "answer's".

Jenise got lots of good stuff including a stroller, a pack-n-play and bouncer and lots of clothes, diapers and blankets including the cutest hand made things. She's set for awhile!

After Jenise's baby shower we were off to a housewarming party and barbeque for Ashley's best friend Jenna who moved to Murrietta.

Ashley loved their trampoline...

but it's always more fun jumping with friends both old and new...

She misses our neighber and friends but we are happy for them and their move into their gorgeous new home.

After that we raced Ashley over to her "late over" at Kate's house. (She had a full day of parties) The rest of us enjoyed just vegging at the house...which doesn't happen too often:)

On Monday we decided to use our passes to Soak City. I convinced Jeff to make the drive to Palm Springs so we were sure to have the heat. It worked out perfect...it was plenty hot but not unbearable.

We were glad it wasn't too crowded either.

We couldn't stay that long because we were meeting family from out of town for dinner...but we got some rides in and some time for snacks...

I rode one the toilet flush one with Taylor (I never get to go on the water slides when it's just me and the kids) Lots of fun! 

At the very end Taylor and I went with Jacob on the 3 person ride. He loved it! I wish we would've had more time...we'll just have to go back again...though looking at the calendar...I'm not sure when.

After the water park we raced home and took showers and got on the road to Victoria Gardens to meet...

Larry and Renae down from Las Vegas (found out it was her birthday the next day...we would've sang to her had we known ;) and Angela and Robert who were traveling back from Big Bear.

It was nice to catch up with both of them and hear about all the EXCITING things going on their lives. We heard stories of travels, crazy people at jobs and more...

It was fun to catch up with everyone while eating some yummy food. We look forward to seeing both of you again hopefully soon!

Oh before dinner we had a few minutes so we wandered down so the candy shop...

We haven't eaten yet but they were already planning dessert!


Here was the giant receipt ball at the check out. Maybe they were going for a record or something??

And now for a little bit of this week's silliness...

(Taylor with his fake mustache compliments of Mason)

Taylor couldn't decide whether to go to his first home football game or not. He was tired and not feeling the best after practice...but then he was invited to see a movie at the Fletchers with Mason so we drove him over there. But when he heard that Jeff went over to hang out with Steve and JJ for the last 1/2 of the game I get a call that he wants me to pick him up to go to the game with Dad. By the time I get him there everybody else is leaving and I can't even get into the parking lot. I got as close as I could and told him to run to the stadium. He got to see 10 minutes of the game.


I am a total Taxi driver right now, driving at all hours at all times. Sleep is no longer sacred. I'm being woken up at all hours as one child or another either needs something, can't find something or just can't sleep (with all the other noise I don't blame them) always before my alarm is set to go off (It's set for 5:45). It's a sad day when I can't even sleep in until 5:45.

I can't even sleep in on Saturdays...I drove Taylor to cross country at 6:15...then went grocery shopping (the night crew still hadn't cleaned up the store) and then it was time to pick him up. The rest of the family was blissfully still sleeping!

The rides start early and end late as we're picking up kids from dances, friend's houses and late night birthday parties.No wonder I'm dragging in the afternoon and always looking for a time to take a 15 minute cat nap!

Jacob came home from school this week saying he was showing people his belly button.

"What?? Why??" I asked "When were you showing people you're belly button?"

"When I was dressing out in PE." 

Ha ha ha.  Crazy!

And Ashley found her own use for the mustache


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