Monday, April 25, 2011


Here is my crazy husband trying to set up a prank that they can send to America's Funniest Videos.

I guess Jeff was targeting me. He stretched a bunch of saran wrap across the door and he was hoping that I would run into it. He pretended like he was fixing the TV and was trying to tell Jacob to have me run in to help because the TV was falling on Jeff.

They failed. Ha ha

They lost the element of surprise when they were trying to rush me in the house but they had the screen door locked...Taylor went in front of me and by the time I came in I watched Taylor duck under the saran wrap which was now obvious...

I still can't figure out how Taylor instinctively knew to duck under the saran wrap.

I guess they were disappointed because they had spent 2 hours setting this up and waiting for us.

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Rochbug said...

This is totally something my brothers would have tried to pull on my mom. I think you need to come up with something really great to pull on them.