Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Necessity, the mother of invention.

For 9 years and counting my daughter can't turn on or off the light in the bathroom.

After countless trips to turn on the light I can't believe it's taken me this long to come up with a solution (other than a stool that she doesn't want to drag back and forth to turn on the light, especially when she has to go really bad)

I took this ruler and drilled a bunch of not too nice looking holes in it. (Hey it works)

My thought was to use the ruler to push up the light and then use the hole to pull the light switch back down.

Ashley tried it out and it works perfectly!

Whoo Hooo!!

I looked closer at the ruler and it was given to us as a freebie from Riverside Public Utilities (the electric company)

Now why didn't I think of this before!


Margaret Graham said...

Good for you! You should have painted the rule, put some bling bling on it and pattent and sell to parents od kids of all ages! :-) Entrepenateur (sp?) Christine Beaulieu! :-)

AES said...

You win the award for most appropriate use of an electric utilities ruler!

Costa Rica Baby! said...

AWESOME Christine!!! Now that is smart!

Piper said...

I think Margaret has the ticket!! ;)

Katrina said...

great idea! I bet she is very happy to be able to do that on her own now :)

Stephen Rioux said...

You should make a whole bunch of those and sell them for like $10 each and become a millionaire overnight.

Nice job!