Thursday, October 28, 2010

Playing catch up...

This actually was a couple of weeks ago...but I'm still playing catch up...

Whoah what a week I just had!! Came back in town with a to-do list a mile long. Just got the last thing checked off and it’s Monday of the next week!

Sunday – Last official day of Sunday Morning meetings and setting up the Relief Society room, got lots of notes to give to Donna. Donna called me a couple hours after church to get directions over the phone on how to fill out a food order, she had one already…she’s jumping in quick.

Monday – After the gym and starting the wash I spent the rest of the time till kids got home giving Donna Culbertson the down low on Relief Society duties. (I hate those days I can’t get into the shower until 3:00!) That night was no soccer but we got a cool Family Home Evening at the Elsworth’s. They did a lesson, game and of course we picked our picks for the Amazing Race. Friendly little competition between friends. (One of our teams was the first one to go home last night, dang!)

Tuesday – Woke up to early piano, lots of no practicing going on the week before! Trying to finish wash…fast forward to kids home and straight from school pick up to take Ashley to the orthodontist, then straight to Achievement Day for their hike. So fun Botanical Gardens in the mud (from the sprinklers). Luckily I had a little towel for the muddy bottom that rode home in my car. Enter home to have 45 minutes to think up, make dinner and get ready for mutual. We all went to mutual (Ashley with homework in tow since she didn’t have time to finish it) for Road Show Practice. Somehow Jeff and I got roped into doing the leads and despite our pleadings to let the youth have our roles it looks like we’ll be playing the part of mom and dad on the Brady Bunch spoof. Got home late and made dough for bread ring experiment.

Wednesday – Trip to the gym and then over to Ceecee’s to roll out bread rings and figure out how to make them so we can teach them on Saturday. Ended up with a list of supplies and some bread rings to come home and bake. That night brought rice for the Negrettes and off to soccer. Was asked to sub for seminary (first time).

Thursday – Subbed for Seminary and brought a bread ring. The kids were great but the lesson was so short I was stalling for time by the end. We had a very nice discussion…tried to cover it up ;) in the end it was all fine but I’ll remember that for next time. From school drop off I went out shopping for all the bread ring stuff…all over town and back again.

Friday – Woke up to make dough for 20 bread rings (Ceecee made the rest). Fridge is full of dough! Went straight into house cleaning and getting all stuff ready for the Super Saturday the next day. As soon as the kids walked in Ashley and I got ready for Apple picking at Oak Glen. (She was the only one who wanted to go). After a long bumpy drive over the hills and through the woods our Caravan of apple seekers arrived at the picking farm. We picked apples galore for $10.00 a box, or laundry basket…whatever you had. Lots of fun, had to look for rotting apples, bees in the rotting apples and constantly waving gnats away from your face. Thanks Amy for arranging it! Got home and 15 minutes later got a call that I was needed at the church immediately for my keys so they could get tables out for setting up Super Saturday (luckily I hadn’t given them to Donna yet). Wolfed down dinner got to the church to help set up.

Ashley ready to pick apples

There were a lot of people picking but there were tons of apples for all of us!

We were encouraged to taste test them to see if we liked them.

Yum. Ashley was my good little helper.

Now what to do with all these apples ???

Saturday – Up early and off to the store to get the things missing for my “soup offering” for Super Saturday. Put soup together and all goodies for the bread ring class and I’m off to the church. All day of helping ladies make their bread rings. What a job! Couldn’t have done it without Ceecee and Margarita who came to help last minute! Had to laugh at some people’s idea of what is an appropriate amount of nuts and raisins is for the bread. One roll probably had a pound and ½ of nuts itself! (It wasn't sister Jones ;) Luckily the fillings made it to the end. Had to cut out a little early on the cleanup to get Jeff my car to get ready for Best of EFY carpool. Jeff raced it to the carwash, raced home and we loaded up. Drove kids to Cypress for fireside, pizza and dance for the ones 14 and up. Had fun bringing Ashley on our date night dinner with the other adults waiting around to give the kids rides. Got to hear all kinds of fun wedding day stories from the other couples!  Drove a car filled to the brim of beehives and deacons home after the fireside. Fell asleep before Taylor got home himself…luckily I left the door unlocked.

Best of EFY!

What a week…thinking this one has to be quieter!!! But you never know what will creep in this week… I just heard president Uchdorf’s talk about not letting ourselves get too busy…and taking time for peace and quiet…great idea…if only I could convince the rest of the world that it’s a great idea as well.


AES said...

Eek, sounds like quite the week!

Which farm in Oak Glen did you go to?

Rochbug said...

I'm convinced that you are not a regular person but Wonder Woman!! I could never do what you do, you are just amazing! Thanks for listening to me the other day I really needed it:)

Anne Marie said...

As long as we don't mention who and what was said about wedding day....hehehe. That one made me laugh!