Thursday, September 25, 2008

Karate Anyone?

Jacob and Ashley have a kind of love/hate relationship. I was thrilled when they started playing together one Sunday for an extended period without any fighting. (We'll not angry at each other fighting at least). Jacob decided to teach Ashley Karate. She's thrilled. They make these big arenas of pillows and throw each other around a little and call it Karate.

I thought I'd tape them for the blog...then we realized how rough Jacob was actually being. Even though Ashley wasn't complaining we told him that he can only pretend to be doing Karate, he can't really throw Ashley around so hard. Ashley insists that she wants to keep doing Karate though. Crazy kids.


sjhovey said...

We love the video. Jacob and Ashley are so cute!

Erin Thompson said...

So cute, lovin' your music, too!