Wednesday, September 17, 2008

All I want for my birthday is my luggage

OK Day 4 in the same clothes and the jokes are wearing thin. My closet is still empty and now I'm to the point of being relegated to the room on my birthday feeling sorry for myself and writing in my journal all about it instead of enjoying the city with the rest of the wives or sitting in the meetings with Jeff.

You might be wondering why we just didn’t go buy some clothes. Well for one thing we’ve been strung along all day and night saying that our bags were just around the corner. They went so far as to tease us with a note under our door telling us that our bags had been delivered just to find out they had been delivered to the delivery company and they were on their way (in some indefinite time in the future). Jeff can't even buy clothes here because they need to be tailored and I just found out today is a holiday and the stores are closed. Lucky me.

I try and keep reminding myself that I’m just being superficial and that I should stop worrying about it. I dreaded going to breakfast this morning to talk to all the wives who saw me in same predicament last night. For awhile I talk to other people and try and be friendly and I’m fine. I’m fine until I look in the mirror and get embarrassed. Flat hair, mottled skin, no jewlery and the same clothes for 4 days. No matter what I do I look like I just got home from the gym. I am here for the first time in Europe, with the top producers of the company and I have less possessions than a homeless person. What a lesson in forced humility.

Really I do own clothes, I do wear make up and I do believe in wearing jewelry. I just don’t have it right now. I think I am being taught a lesson. I am getting a glimpse of the ache of people who are struggling when everyone else around them seems to be great and have everything. I understand the desire to pull away and turn inwards instead of wanting to reach out. I feel it. I understand it a little better.

I think I've learned my lesson now.

So can it be over?



Anne Marie said...

Goodness! I would feel the same way. Not fun.

sjhovey said...


I hate to jump staight to the end but did you EVER get your luggage!! This sounds awful! ;-(