Wednesday, March 11, 2020

September/October 2019 Random Happenings

This December I turned 46. Crazy to think Jeff and I are creeping closer to 50. I don't feel like I'm much different but the years are flying by. 

To celebrate I decided to make myself a pineapple upside down cake and share it with the family (they don't appreciate them as much as I do, ha ha)

Ashley and I out with the youth to learn about cars and other things. 

Ashley and I went to get her senior pictures. I can't believe it's her last year of high school!

Good thing they are just head shots.

We had general conference and there wasn't much going on that weekend other than taking notes (loving my new gel pens) and crocheting. 

We had a get together with Steve and Tahna and family in honor of Jenise being in town.  

Jeff had a crazy thing where his shoulder popped out of socket. We don't really know what caused it other than he was weeding on the hill in the backyard and it started getting stiff and then more and more stiff and sore and he could sleep at night. Sure enough it was out of socket. We had to go to the emergency room and have Jeff put to sleep and have it popped back in.  Crazy

He was in a lot of pain and having all kinds of hallucinations when he woke up from the medicine. 


This month we had the Love Riverside day of service at the Sherman building. We had a lot of community members and the missionaries helped man the tables and it ended up being a great day. 

Everyone who came seemed to enjoy it and we got a lot done to help a lot of good causes such as Operation Gratitude sending things to deployed troops and First responders, Bereavement Items for Kaiser hospital, baby blankets for Riverside Community Hospital, and Cards for hospital kids at Loma Linda. 

Also this month I helped teach a class on how to make paper flowers. It's not that difficult and even the Primary age girls and the sister missionaries really enjoyed being able to do make some flowers. 

Getting the house ready for Halloween even though Jeff and I won't be in town. We have our yearly council trip for New York Life, but Ashley will be home to enjoy the decorations. 

At school we did labs, I got the sweetest picture from a student and I had the students film themselves mimicking the motion of molecules in the different states of matter. 

When it was crazy hair day I fully participated...and when I got to school I found that I was only one of the few who fully participated. I made the other students who had crazy hair relieved to not be the only one...and I made it on the Central Instagram page. 


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