Wednesday, March 11, 2020

October - Italy trip Naples, Pompeii and the Almafi Coast

Our long awaited trip to Italy was finally here. We've been waiting for months and excited to go. I was happy to have a break from teaching and enjoy some time with Jeff. Passports in hand and after a long flight to Rome, a 1/2 hour train ride to Naples and taxi ride to our hotel next to the water we finally arrived. 

Ashley is staying home by herself with the Taylor's coming to hang out with her for the weekend. Jeff is a bit stressed but I think it will be a good dry run for her to get ready for college. 


Jeff has been speaking Italian every since we got here. The bad thing is I get tired of hearing Italian and only understanding part of it but the good thing is I'm learning it more. 

Our hotel was right across from the water and a castle.  

This was a castle that we saw from the outside when we were on our cruise but didn't have time to go inside.

That night we enjoyed walking and exploring the city and going in and exploring the castle. 


When we were inside the castle we saw an art show which had singers performers...we just stumbled across it. It was a nice, unexpected find. 

As it was getting dark we went into the city center to look for food. We were starving since we hadn't eaten lunch. 

We found a nice little pizza place to eat at, got to know the waiter and then walked back to the waterfront where our hotel was. We watched some street performers and walked with the other Italians along the waterfront and then went to bed. 


The next morning I was jetlagged and sleepy but we got up so we could get breakfast and head out. We hired a taxi driver and drove to Pompeii.  We explored Pompeii for a could of hours seeing some of the things we hadn't seen when we were there before like the baths, a mosaic of a "beware of dog" sign and we saw a house with a painting still inside of it.

The plaster casts of the people encased in the ash were still creepy but intriguing at the same time. 

The meaning of what we were seeing on the art work was lost to time but I would love to know what they meant by the animals with squares cut out and heads or people in them. Interesting.


After we were done at Pompeii we drove to the city of Positano. It was a sweet, small city. We walked around and stopped at a couple of places. I bought a bottle of locally made perfume called "Path of the Gods" and we looked for the lemon candy that I could bring back for the students. 

Once we were done we drove to the bottom of the Amalfi coast near the water. It was a cute lemon peachy colored town with bright blue skies. 

We had the BEST lemoncello crème and raspberry gelato here. Yum!

I bought my students lemoncello candy here to bring back to the states. (They had better prices than Positano)


After we were done we had the driver take us back to the train station so we could head to Rome. The cost for hiring him all day was 300 Euros. 

Next stop Rome

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