Wednesday, February 19, 2020

August 2019 Random Events

Some random events from the month of August...

Jacob was taken to lunch by the Ralston/Allen family when they were up in Idaho checking out schools! What a nice thoughtful thing to do! Jacob was happy to see them!

Ashley become a ginnea pig babysitter for a month. While Jolene went up to Utah and decided whether she could take Gus up with her Ashley was practicing being a good pet owner. She was pretty good at it and even was able to cut his nails without him squirming.  

The new thing was the FaceApp that makes everyone look old. We have a day when we were swapping pictures back and forth to each other of us looking old. Hillarious! 

About a week after we got back from staying at the beach house I took Ashley and Anna down to the  the Vans US Open in Huntington Beach. We met up with Virginia, Jared and Dean as well. 

We watched some of the BMX riders, the surfers and skateboarders. We shopped, played games and even won free swag. 


At the end of the day we ate dinner at our favorite Italian Restaurant Mama D's. 

A couple of my crafty endeavors. I learned how to make paper flowers. This was something I wanted to learn ever since I went to the Pinners conference and wasn't able to go to the flower making class. 

I also was able to use a lot of my fabric scraps to finish and deliver 24 blankets to project linus!

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