Wednesday, August 12, 2020

December 2019

Its a beautiful December day in Riverside!

We went with Brock Bagley to get some family pictures taken for our family Christmas Card this year in Orange Citrus Park. 

He did a great job and we had fun. Jeff made sure that our photo shoot didn't last very long...just like everything else he's super speedy, ha ha. 

Taylor Rose had to leave our photoshoot early because her sister was having an emergency C-section to have her baby Michael. 

The rest of us went to San Diego that night to see Joel and Dean in their play Matilda. We met Virginia and Scott at Spaghetti Factory first and then saw the play with them. 

Dean was a Wormwood boy and Joel was Trunchbull and they both did great. We were pleasantly surprised on how well Joel could sing and act! It was very entertaining!

They both did a great job!

Some other pictures of our December happenings. 

Our ward party and the nativity presentation.

I attended the Riverside Woman's Club Christmas dinner and performance... 

Jeff and I went to the crazy white elephant gift exchange at the Spongbergs house. My Chewbaca snuggie was a hit, ha ha. 

My marathon sub job is coming to an end. I had to laugh when a girl in my class was passing out "stickers" to all her friends and she gave me one. They were actually pasties. She had no idea and I had to keep my laughing on the inside. 

It was a bittersweet goodbye to my students. They all wrote me nice notes on the board and I got some Christmas cards (it helped that I had stuff for them to make cards on the last day) I'll miss them. Its been a tough, tiring and rewarding experience. 

Our Christmas outing with Jeff's family was celebrating Steve's birthday and then seeing Marie Osmand!

When we got there we realize that these are our seats....We are as high up as you can go

And our view is from behind the performers! We were set to see her back the entire time. 

Tahna got vertigo and is afraid of heights and couldn't stay where we were sitting so Steve and her moving to another location. We ended up moving a little farther down the row so we could at least see her performance projected on a screen. In the end it was a fun night but we agreed we would have rather paid more money for better seats. 

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