Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Summer 2016 Pompeii, Almafi coast, Sorrento and Naples Italy

The next day we docked in Naples.

We had another full day of seeing everything we could see. 

We started out at Pompeii. 

Joel and Virginia had already been there in the past but it was all new for us. 

I tried reading the guidebook as we started out on our hike but quickly I learned to just try and enjoy what we were seeing. 

The kids left us pretty early on to go explore themselves. We gave them some water, a map and told them to check their phones. 

It was a city so it wasn't small like a museum. The streets weren't easy to walk on and there was a lot of bumps and steps and it was hot but the kids did just fine. 

The artwork was interesting. The graveyard of statues and interesting things. 

To me the statues that had a square cut out of them with another head inside of them were the most interesting to me. I saw them multiple places. I was curious what the significance was.

This was a painting that was in one of the houses. I was amazed that the colors were still so vibrant. 

Here is just a taste of the pottery and artifacts found.

The most haunting were the animals and people that were left behind. 

This was one of the mansions that took up a whole city block. 

There was still a lot of the city that we didn't get to see but it was hot and long and Dean was glad when we were done and on to the next thing. 

The next stop was driving along the Almafi coast. 

So this is a great view....those views come from being way up high. I have to admit our drive was a bit nerve racking for me! 

It was beautiful but freaky at the same time. 

Stopping on the side of the windy roads to get our pictures. 

To get here we had to go through a lot deep, long tunnels to get us through the mountains. The views were amazing once we were here. 

It was beautiful but honestly I don't know if I could handle living on the cliffs. 

For lunch we ended up in Sorrento which was a little town on the cliffs. 

We finally got some good pizza!!

We had to scoot a bunch of tables together to eat because they weren't used to having such big groups together, ha ha. All the tables were for 2 or 4 at the most. 

Here is a picture of some of the buildings on the cliff right next to the water. 

Everything they were selling in the marketplace had to do with citrus, mainly lemons. 

We ended up buying a couple of bags of lemon drops. 

After tasting how yummy they were (after we left) we wished we would have bought more!

There was yellow everywhere I looked, even the buildings were yellow. 

On the way back to the ship Joel and Jared wanted to be dropped off in the heart of Naples. Since we were already there our driver told us we should go inside this church.

We were tired but we decided to go inside anyway. 

It was a pretty cool church inside but the kids weren't feeling it so they waited on the bench while we explored. 

I realized that we were docked in Naples but we didn't really see any of it! I can tell you the streets were crowded and the drivers were crazy.

Our driver then took us to a little market.

Again nobody wanted to get out but once we did it was pretty cool. 

If you could believe a couple of times cars would come down this alley and we would have to walk into one of the shops so we wouldn't get hit. 

Another crazy sign..this time with a cop clubbing a perpetrator.

There were a bunch of shops and stalls that were selling little figurines and things to make miniature scenes that people would assemble for Christmas. They were detailed and involved and I am sure expensive. It was interesting to look at even though our feet were tired. 

At the end we passed by this castle as we were right next to the boat. We probably could've just walked to it from the ship and we didn't even get to see it. Well we have a lot more we could see if we ever went back to Naples in the future!

Another day grateful for our driver!

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