Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween 2012

Our Halloween festivities started off with what has become our annual Halloween party at the Elsworths. 

As long as we are willing to have us we will come up with creative costumes to show up in. 

This year for the first time ever...Jeff dressed up scary. 

He made quite the impression as chucky...I went as Chucky's bride...since what else could I be?

The Williamsons were Romney and big bird...

The Kreps were a Double Dare duo. (I totally remember that game show) I laughed that they were wearing their son's sports equipment which they said barely fit. 

Princess Lea and ....I'm not sure what Kevin was...but he had Darth Vader on his shirt. 

The Lauritzens even came for a visit from their new home in L.A.
It was great to see them. 

Jeff couldn't scare Miles, he was too interested in checking out Jeff and isn't old enough to be scared of him. Ha ha. Such a cutie. 

We played games of skill....

The Davis's cracked us up as the Spartans.

And the Thompsons as Mr. and Mrs. Romney. 
 (They were trying to get a ping pong ball into a glass using a tape measure)

Here is our Host playing the paper bag game. You had to try and pick it up with your mouth and then they ripped off some of the bag and made it smaller and smaller.  

It's not as easy at it looks!

By the way Erin and Romney were the perfect Wayne's world couple. 

Thanks for the great party!

The next night was trunk or treat at our church. 

Taylor and Jacob made a last decision costume idea to dress up like ...


Those who knew who they were love it. Those who didn't know just thought "Huh?"

They were hilarious.

Ashley had her friend Jenna come down to do the trunk or treat with us. 

Ashley don't bite you're friend!

(Ashley wanted to be a glam vampire this year)

Jeff was sporting the Chucky costume again...and had a little bit too much fun scaring the kids. 

If they were little he would say "I'm not scary I'm a nice dolly"

Some of them still wouldn't even come close to him or take any candy from him!

I pulled out my witch costume.  We invited LPA families to come too and we got a few enjoying the trunk or treat with us. 

Ashley was thrilled that Jenna got to stay over and come to church with us the next day before we brought her back home. 

On Halloween Day Jacob decided to wear Jeff's Chucky costume. I was surprised that he wanted to dress up. I asked him the night before if he wanted the makeup and everything. 


So I was up doing makeup on him at 5:30 before seminary and school. 

He said his costume was a big hit and he got tons of attention. 

He said he was stopped over and over at lunch so people could get pictures with him and someone told him he was all over instagram. Ha ha...I think he didn't mind the attention. 

Halloween Day Ashley's school had a Halloween party followed by a parade. 

Ashley decided not to dress up but lots of people in her class did. 

She also decided that I wasn't allowed to take any pictures of her. So I got some pictures of her friends instead. 

The parade was cute....pretty much the older the grade the less kids were wearing costumes :)  

Some of the costumes were very cute and creative. 

When we got home from school our neighbors the Merrills brought over Halloween goodies. Ana is crafty and her baked good put mine to shame. 

So cute! I did find out she took a class down at Michaels.    

She is obviously a great student!

That night Taylor pulled out an old costume and him, Jacob and Gabe went to go and trick-or-treat/hang out with friends.   They hit about 5 houses they said and ate the candy right after then spent the rest of the evening waiting for their friend to get off of work at Carls Jr.  They waited until 9:00 so trick or treating was over by then, but I think they still had fun. 

Jacob ditched the wig and just went with the messy hair look. 

Caden and family came over to trick or treat in our neighborhood. 

I think you get more candy when you're with a cute 2 year old. 

Too cute to resist. His pumpkin got heavy enough that grandma and grandpa had to help him out. 

And this is what the morning after Halloween looks like ;)

Before we put the costumes away....Jeff dressed up one more time for our Stake mystery dinner night. 

Who stole the Liahona??? Was it Jeff who was playing the wicked king??

He played the part...

and I helped paint the backdrops. 

It was a fun night and now all the costumes are finally put away. 

And on the heels of putting Halloween away...the stores and mailers are filled with Christmas stuff! I guess because there is no commercial gain in a holiday where you are just thankful.

My favorite pin of the week says  "Black Friday: Because only in America, people trample others for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have."


Sarah Osborne said...

Oh my gosh, Jeff's costume is so scary!! How awesome. And what a fun adult party. I laughed out loud at the Romney and Big Bird costumes :) Sounds like Jacob loved all the attention he got, ha ha :)

Kerri said...

my kind of people, we LOVE dressing up for halloween around here!!! just awesome!

Andrea said...

Everyone's costumes were awesome. Taylor and Jacob looked great as Dr. Evil and mini me, Ashley's costume was very scary and I liked both of your costumes as well. Jeff was scary at the trunk or treat, I didn't even want to get candy from him. LOL I loved all the pictures you took of the adults at the party. Everyone was so creative. It's fun dressing up, even when you're older. Great Halloween ending picture of the pumpkin throwing up. Who's idea was that? Jacob's or Taylor's? The quote you posted is so true.