Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Christmas Story

Last year Taylor had to write a Christmas story for children...thought we'de share... 

"My Dad's Job" by Taylor Beaulieu


My dad is special, he is a little person.  But even though he is little he is still nice.

My Dad works in a toy factory just for little people.

Every day my dad rides in a train to work. It is really fast!

My Dad wears funny clothes to work. They look like a Christmas costume.

My dad has a cool tool belt that helps him make toys.

My brother and my sister get to go to work with him sometimes, but I never get to! He says I'm too tall.

My Dad is silly sometimes too.

He pretends that there are reindeer at work! He even brings them carrots, even though there are no reindeer at a toy factory! 

My dad's boss likes milk and cookies especially chocolate chip ones.

I even got to meet him once. He dressed up like Santa for the Christmas work party. He was the best Santa I've ever seen!

My dad asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. I said either a lawyer or be just like him.
He says I should be a lawyer.


Piper said...

OK- cute. Great job, Taylor. I got some good chuckles off of that! :)

Jenn K said...

That was hilarious.