Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas break

I can't find my camera so I'm relegated to the few pictures taken the last while on the "back-up" camera....no pictures of Christmas morning and the family get together at Cheri's house...so they will have to come later..out of order (I hate that ;)

More pictures of Maddie and Ashley...the one above is Maddie trying to get to know the cat...the cat has dissapeared for almost a week and we were wondering if she would ever come back. Luckily she came back yesterday after the dog chasing her again...I wondered if she wasn't regretting her decision.  

Before Christmas Ashley "helped" me make chocolate houses. I ended up making 9 of them...by the time we were done I was done with them until next year ;)

Right in the middle of the rains we found this little dog on our front porch shivering and scared. There was no collar on her and I didn't recognize her. She was a tiny thing and thought for sure she couldn't have come far. We took her around to the nieghbors with no luck, held onto her for about 3 hours hoping someone would come look for her but finally had to drive her out to the pound. (I realized without Maddie having all her shots we couldn't keep her around).

On Wednesday Ashley had a couple of friends over (after she had hung out at Mia's during my hair appointment) After doing each other's make up nicely...

They decided to do "clown" makeup

It was quite a job making sure they were cleaned up before I sent them home!

Here is a quick visit from Jenna and her family to say hi and see the puppy.

Also on Wednesday night Taylor passed his Eagle board of Review and is now an EAGLE SCOUT! We're so proud of you Taylor!

Christmas was great, nice and low key and staying close to home. The kids haven't really wanted to do anything or go anywhere. Maybe they just want to wind down from their "normal" life. :)

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