Thursday, August 19, 2010

We had a birthday...shout Hooray!

We had a birthday at our house. "Little Jacob" turned 12! Can't believe it. Of course we had to celebrate...

with a friend pool party. Luckily we happen to have nice friends who let us use their pool for the party. (I would've never asked but Jeff isn't shy and they ended up being happy to do it.)

What nice friends we have! And what nice friends Jacob had to come and celebrate with us...

The girls that were there had their own fun...mainly squirting each other and the boys mercilously. Luckily the boys were so busy doing their own thing so they didn't retaliate very often.

They were having too much fun on the slide and jumping off the rocks to notice.

Of course we had to play some competitive "boy" games, hold your breath the longest, swim the farthest...collect the ping pong balls first...they only wanted 3 games or so and then they wanted to swim. The pool was the best entertainment ever.

The prizes they all picked first were the nerds ropes...I'll have to remember that next time they want candy!

Instead of cake Jacob wanted a pizooki (a favorite birthday treat at school). It worked out good and wasn't as messy as cake.

Time for presents...sweet!

Money works just as good :). See what happens when you give a boy a gun! :)

On Sunday we celebrated Jacob's ordination. He will be able to pass the sacrament next week!

Of course following church we had our family tradition of all coming over to eat. Jeff was nice enough this time to order El Poyo Loco on Saturday and they delivered it hot as we were getting home. How nice not to have to worry about throwing together hot food when I walked in the door.

Great idea Jeff. I was able host and actually enjoy the family and not stress. Very nice.

Cousins coming together to eat is always fun.

Sarah and Naomi even braved the drive from L.A.

The younger girls loved hanging out on Ashley's bed with Olive. Wait where is she??

Here she is... taking a nap on Ashley's bed...using her Big Pig as a pillow. How sweet is she. Sweet asleep...

and even sweeter awake! What a cutie!

Ashley is in heaven. When I put her to bed that night she said "I smell like baby all over!" I'm not suprised after all her snuggling.

The best part of family get togethers is the games.

Steve had to try out a new one on us...
What is this?? A jelly bean game??

You have to spin to see what color you pick the color and it could be good.....or bad. You never know... Either it's buttered popcorn...or moldy licorice...or skunk spray.

Jeff tried it out and got...a nasty one.

Jacob doesn't want to try it until we start chanting his name!!!

He get's a barf flavored one!

(I'm sure he regreted listening to us.)

We also played "signs" and "what if..." (another newbie). The funnest part was Dale and Mo are hosting foreign exchange students right now. One is from Spain and one is from France and they sure had a lively Sunday playing family games with us. I wondered what they thought about our crazy family but they seemed to have a good time.

After everyone left my kids were so excited about what a great family we had and what a fun time they had...especially playing the games together. We are so glad for each of you and all you contribute to our family!!

For those family members who joined us on Sunday we have a lost and found going.

Luckily grandma got her shoes back but we missed...

somebody's dress,
a purple polka dotted tie,
and a binky (actually we know who the owner of the binky is ;)

We will just hold these items hostage so you'll have to come back and visit us again!

And...for anyone who rode in our car for the Stake Beach party we have a random shirt,
swim trunks,
mini-sunblock, (not shown)
and blue folding chair smelling of fire (still stinking up the car)

If you would like to reclaim any of these items let me know....soon.

After all the celebrations it's been time to buckle down and get ready for school. We've been all over getting backpacks, and notebooks, haircuts and shoes.

Luckily my kids don't care about shoe name brands so we scored at Payless with shoes for all 3 using their Buy one get one 1/2 off (I broke down and bought Ashley cute sandals to complete the second pair;)

We were all in a silly mood by the time we were at Payless and the kids were having tooo good of a time trying on inapropriate shoes...

Jacob kept bringing Taylor pink baby shoes to try on then put on the biggest clodhoppers in the store. (He couldn't even walk in them) and Taylor and Ashley each had one shoe on of the biggest, tallest, black, high heeled ladies boots. I would show you how attractive Taylor was in them but he accidently deleted the picture off his phone. We were laughing so hard I was waiting for the guy to come see what we were doing and kick us out of the store!

We then stopped at McDonalds where Taylor tried to order a Chicken McFun Pack (a non-existent menu item that the missionaries told him they ordered just by insisting it really did exist). He didn't get one but he did get the worker to believe that they existed on the menu, (she just didn't carry them)...haa haa crazy kid.

So school starts in the morning for both boys (Kind of a freshmen only day for both of them). We spend the morning in line for Taylor getting all his stuff and rearranging his schedule (no band).

You can see how excited he is. Don't let his look fool you...he is actually excited to start school...his look of disgust is simply because he is irritated that his mom would have the audacity to actually take his picture at school.

How embarassing Mom!

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You guys have been busy over there. But fun busy. That picture of taylor is FANTASTIC!!!!!!

okay once school starts wanna go to the gym???