Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rainy Day Birthday party

We've had quite of bit of rain down here in Southern California. We're used to a day or two and then we get a break. A whole week of it and we don't know what to do with ourselves. Our backyard has officially become a lake!

Of course our pond is now filled to the brim again. I hate scooping all the water out of it. Unfortunately knowing me It won't get emptied until the day I see mosquito larvae in it, then I know I can't put it off.

I was very glad for the piece of mind I had this week knowing that our posts were already fixed. Knowing what I know now, one of the other posts could've rotted through leaving us with only one in tact! Scary thought!

On Friday after a week of veerrrry rainy weather we had a Birthday Party for Ashley.

Since it was raining and too wet to go in the backyard, use the park or do anything outside we had to plan for "inside activities"

I thought I'd start with Ashley requested snacks....

You can see how popular these were. This was after they were done with them.
That lasted about 5 minutes tops.

So they went upstairs to Ashley's room. Cute!

This lasted about 10 minutes before their was a multitude of screaming and chasing Taylor and Jacob around. OK time for some games.

One game was "hot potato" which is a classic party game from growing up that my mom taught me.

I wrapped a present a bunch of times in different paper. You pass it around until the music stops and whoever has it gets to unwrap it once. Who ever unwrapps the last piece of paper gets to keep it. They liked that one. Should've done more presents :)

Ashley loved all her presents!

Thanks guys!

So it's time for cake. Make a wish!

Ooooh I see evidence that someone is actually eating the snacks :)

Hope your wish comes true!

Oh no I look at the clock and we still have a half hour!

I pull out the stuff to make jewlery. There wasn't too much interest untill Jeff got home and offered cash prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd place for the best bracelet maker.

That got them interested!!!

For party favors the good buys I found at Christmas at the Disney closeout store really came in handy. (have to plan ahead) Thanks for coming everyone.

Well another birthday complete just in time for dinner too.

(I highly reccommend the "after school on a Friday" birthday party.)

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Piper said...

I know Maia had a blast!! Looks like everyone else did, too... :)