Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Fun!

Monday was Labor day and Steve planned a wonderful day with the family. My kids called it the “cousin day” He’s the master planner (much to his kids irritation sometimes). I think it’s great and he brings us together and gets us to do things that we would be too lazy to do on our own.

He reserved the Blaine Street building park to have our family day. Dale and his family drove down and Jared and Jenise and her husband came down too for our barbeque and lots of fun family games.

Steve had us start out with a rock paper scissors tournament. Here are the finalists ...but of course I was the winner...hee hee.

Then Steve split us all up into carefully thought out teams to play rotations of volleyball, croquet and horseshoes.

We were all at different ages and skill levels but the results were a lot of fun. For example Ashley was paired with Jared who would pick her up and let her throw the volleyball over the net. One time the ball came back fast and he spiked it back over while holding her in the other arm! The winning teams got treats and then we did one last game of water balloon volleyball (with the token water fight at the end).

After getting hot and sweaty we changed and went swimming at the Ottesen’s pool. It was refreshing and the kids had a blast.

Then we went to our house to hang out for awhile and order pizza and let the kids play video games. It was quite a household with Rock Band going on downstairs and other games going on upstairs. Since it was a school night the evening didn't end too late so it was just perfect! Thanks Steve!

The next morning was back to 6:15 piano lessons. Ashley started piano with the boys this year. Connie Byers is the best piano teacher =) She thought Ashley was so stinking cute she wanted me to pull out my camera. Here is Connie and Ashley playing the "finger" game.

Such a big piano for such a little girl. So cute!

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