Monday, January 12, 2009

So Monday started off with lots of promise, but the gym didn't happen again until Friday, long story, but I have tried to eat better. I'm curious to see how that weight loss goal is working out. I resolved to only weigh myself at the gym once at the beginning of the week. So I'm hoping to go tomorrow because I'm run down with a cold today.

I've had doctor's appointments, sick kids, cranky kids, gotten sick myself but generally other than that it hasn't been too bad of a week. Thursday we went to the junior high where Taylor received an award for getting 5 A's. He actually didn't want to go and complained the whole time because he said he would've gotten 6 A's, another long story. But we forced him anyways and even went out to dessert afterwards to celebrate, which he didn't want to do either. We got to experience the earthquake while we were sitting in Chilli's eating ice-cream.

Saturday we took the kids skating like we promised them. (I think that's when I overdid it and pushed myself into a cold). All my pictures ended up blurry but I did get a video. The kids all got skates for Christmas so I brought them to a skating rink for the first time over Christmas break. Taylor and Jacob did really well right off the bat and Ashley tried the hardest I've ever seen laughing every time she fell and getting right back up again. Jeff was sad that he missed all the fun so we had to go again. This trip Ashley did much better. So proud of her.

So today is another new start. We got a white board for Christmas and the plan was to have daily chores and things to do for the kids. So far this is what it has been used for....

Today I got it all set up for real so the kids will get to come home and know exactly what to do with all their free time :) We'll see how that goes.


Christine said...

It was MRS. STEARNS fault I didn't get 6 A's. I could have changed a little, but she was the overall judge. I didn't do anything wrong, but she said I had bad behaivor. That Lady is not nice!!!! (And she says this is her nice side) I HAD 89.6!!!

Christine said...

Hmmmm. I wonder who wrote that comment.

Costa Rica Baby! said...

Taylor...bummer about the silly teacher.

Truth is you will have a few more of those in your coming years. :)

Proud of you!!!

Sis. Banagas

Heather Anderson said...

Taylor, you did awesome to get 5 As and should be so proud! I know that teachers can be upsetting but Sis, Banagas is right there will be more of those types of teachers and it is best not to let them get to you") YOu are a GREAT kid and I am proud of you! I loved your piano the other day that you shared with us.

LOVE the fireplace!!! I cannot stop looking at it... and the first thing Matt said was AWESOME! We LOVE it your amazing. THANKS

Heather Anderson said...

I don't have our email so if you have mine send me and email and I can invite you to my blog:)

Anne Marie said...

Looks like lots of fun! We got skates for the girls too. They are still in the practicing stages. I love the whiteboard idea. I just might have to steal that one.

Taylor: What an accomplishment! You should be proud!