Monday, January 5, 2009

A new year

I woke up this morning ready to get back into life. After a couple of weeks of indulgence in food, entertainment and generally laziness it's time to get working again.

I have to admit it was hard getting up for my 7:00 am Sunday morning meeting after getting used to sleeping in but when I woke up today I was excited with plans of going to the gym and getting back on top of life.

Jacob and Ashley had a hard time getting going today. They both woke up saying they didn't feel good and they just wanted to lay around. I was thinking my plans were going to be in ruins but when I took their temperatures nobody had a fever. I gave them Tylenol just in case and sent them to school. I haven't gotten any phone calls so I guess that everything is OK. I have to admit the peace and quiet has been nice today.

So I was off to the gym along with everyone else to check out the damage.

My list of some of my goals for 2009:

Lose 10 pounds. I'm writing my weight on my calendar every Monday to see how I'm doing. I know nixing the mindless grazing will have to be a part of it as well.

Stop complaining. I think I tend to feel sorry for myself sometimes when I have a lot going on and I realize that this only makes me grumpy, makes life seem more overwhelming and probably isn't fun to be around.

Step outside of my comfort zone and be more welcoming and friendly to people I don't know. I admire this trait in others I would like to develop it more.

Get up to date on scrapbooking. It's a never ending thing but it's a worthy goal at least.

Help my boys more with their scouting stuff. The rest of life seems to keep getting in the way until your putting on their uniform and your realize how much you vowed you would do last time they put on their uniform.

Find a time that works for regular family scripture study. I think I'm realizing it might not include all the family with every session...

So now that my goals are out there I'm hoping I'll feel some more accountablility. So if you see me complaining, not going to the gym or not doing something else on my list your free to remind me of my goals.

If you don't mind sharing let me know a goal you have for this year and I'll help you keep on track too.


Costa Rica Baby! said...

I lov eyour goals..
Some of mine are

Being more like my friend Christine and knocking out awesome FHE's.


Of course losing the 20 pounds that have creeped up these last 5 years.

Cheers to starting anew.

Christine said...

20 pounds...Where? You always look great.

Thanks for the pick me up:)