Friday, December 12, 2008

Sigh of Relief

Yesterday was a great day in that Taylor's huge project that's been weighing on him (and me) is finally done. It was a History Day project that was supposed to be about a person that made a difference in history. We had the great idea to use his pioneer ancestor's journal to tell about his 4th great grandfather who help found Millville, Utah, helped build the Navoo temple, lost a wife and child at Winters Quarters and so on...The problem is there isn't really a lot of sources in the library that Taylor could go check out to tell about his ancestor. There were some stressful times but it's done. I let Taylor completely do it on his own. There is skewed pictures, backwards stamped letters that had to be covered with paper and remnants of blue glue stick all over the board but it's and authentic Taylor project that is finally done. Hooray!

As for Jacob I woke up yesterday thinking of how I could help him get to his goal of reading a million pages and know if he's on track or not. So I got up and made him a thermometer chart. He's a pretty visual kid and so far it seems to help. He actually got up really early in the morning and got ready for school and read and read and read. He went over his quota for yesterday and so I was hoping he'd wake up this morning and get on top of today's reading. No such luck. The rule is no TV, Video games or computer until he's done his reading for the day. We'll see how he does after school.

Ashley also had a bunch of homework that needed to be done yesterday. So we all sat in the kitchen all evening and worked on school work for hours. I was able to get Christmas card kits together for Jacob's class for Monday and start on the things that Ashley needs for the craft for her class party next week.

I also was able to pass off all the stuff for the funeral today, bring cookies to Jeff's secretaries, squeeze another piano lesson in for Taylor to help him for the piece he has to play this Sunday and get my hair done (which it really needed).

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