Monday, December 15, 2008

No use crying over spilled toffee...

This Saturday I woke up determined to start having a better attitude. I've been a little stressed and negative and I realized that I needed to work on being more patient. I got my opportunity right away.

I woke up early and made the kids pancakes and got everyone ready and thought I was pretty ahead of the game so I decided to make toffee for our Visiting teaching/ Home teaching people and the neighbors. It's more simple than a variety plate of cookies and it doesn't go stale the next day if it's not delivered.

The recipe is simple pretty much butter and sugar with a little vanilla thrown in at the end. The hard part is the constant stirring for about 20 to 30 minutes. You have to wait for it to be the right consistancy and color. So I got a big pan out and started putting together a big double batch.

Everything went great until it was time to pour it onto the cookie sheet. As I went to pour the pan slipped out of my hands and this is where the toffee ended up....

Right on the floor!

I couldn't believe it! All that work, not to mention ingredients.

I sat there stunned for a minute as Jeff is running to get a towel or something to clean it up. As it's hardening on the floor of course I had to grab my camera to document it for the blog.

I was proud of myself because I stayed calm as I cleaned up the sticky mess, wiped the butter off the floor and started another batch. I was bummed that part of the handle broke off my brand new pan. We finally bought new pans after 15 years of marraige and within a month I end up dropping and breaking the handle. Jacob told me we should've just kept the old ones because I didn't break those. Nice.


Kristen said...

great job keeping cool that would have been tough...oh I hate when stuff like that happens.
YUM that toffee is so good!

Costa Rica Baby! said...

What a bummer!!!

I know what kind of moment that was...I've had them too.

Having a blog makes these moments easier...because you think...this will be great on the blog. Hee, hee.

Anne Marie said...

Aren't life's experiences sometimes just so fun? Glad you had a cool head. I probably would have thrown something :)

Jenny said...

I had the same thing happen last week when I was trying to make cinnamon rolls for the boys. I unfortunately did not handle it so well. I'm blaming it on the pregnancy. That toffee is really good, I need the recipe.