Monday, November 17, 2008

Just had to share

I was just so excited I had to share. Way back when, when I was still taking classes at BYU I was taking a "Writing for Children" class. Part of the class was to get things ready for submission to editors and stuff. I got into it for awhile and I loved the challenge of writing but actually getting anything published is pretty hard. Like a lot of people after a few rejection letters I gave it up and decided to spend my time elsewhere. Well today I got this e-mail...

Hi Christine,
Back in February, you sent us a suggestion on making
thank-you-note writing more fun. We kept it on file and I'm writing to let
you know that we would like to use this idea in our upcoming Feb 2009 issue.
We'd like to pay you $100 for this great idea.

If that's ok with you, please confirm your mailing address so we can send
out a check.

Debra Immergut
Senior Editor, Family Fun Magazine
Disney Publishing Worldwide

OK, OK so it's just a suggestion for a magazine but the fact that someone is paying me for my idea, my words on paper (or e-mail) is thrilling to me! (Ashley was thinking her mom was crazy as I'm jumping up and down reading my email)

Maybe I should pull out some of those other submissions...


Anne Marie said...

That's great!!! Congratulations!

loubige said...

Congratz Christine!! That's pretty cool. It took The Ensign 15 years to publish an article Jon's mom sent one year...that's pretty sweet! :-) (and you got paid!)
Pull out the other stuff, it could NEVER hurt.