Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Thanksgiving 2017


Thanksgiving was at our house this year. We had 38 people come!

I realized that the year before I haven't been as good taking pictures so I decided that I would be better this year. We missed my sisters and their families who were both out of town for Thanksgiving.

Aunt Cindy and her family came even though she was recovering from knee replacement surgery and was in a wheelchair and in pain! It was nice to have them. 

Jared and Vanessa and Annora. She's getting bigger and will smile at you if you can get her to and it was fun to see her cute personality. 

Some of the kids ended up in the hot tub after I returned Violet's bathing suit to her which she had left at the house. The other kids didn't have suits but they would dip their feet in and then a couple of them ended up completely wet anyways. 

Kenny and Justin,

Bob and Jeff's mom

Perry and Annora,

Me and Dale,

Steve, JJ, Sean and Zander.

Even though there are a lot of us we all seem to squeeze together pretty easily. 

Jenise, Ashley, Grandmas, Brooke, Jolene and Boston, 

Steve, Tahna and Lexi,

Kenny, Jordon, and Taylor.

JJ and Boston

Lori, Jessie, Cindy, Robert, Dale and Cheri

Jaren and Annora (again)

Sean, Ryan and Sarah,


Perry and Vanessa. 

The kids went upstairs to watch movies on our bed. Notice Caden is wearing one of Ashley's shirts. 

Jeff taking a break from cooking with Taylor.

Liesl and Taylor

Bob and Lori came all the way down from Utah to be here. 

Lots of prep and clean up, lots of food but it was worth it. 

Ashley and Taylor declared that this year was more fun than last year and I think it had a lot to do with playing games. We played signs and people stayed until 9 at least.

I couldn't have done the day without Jeff who is a non-stop hard worker!

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